Undead Seduction

A girl named Laika Yukki meets a young boy named Sabaku Sakura. She gets to know the boy and she soon finds out that he is a vampire. She doesn't want to end their friendship, but is it the right thing? Will he kill her or will he not?


1. Blood Soaked

 It is a cold Tuesday morning, it usually cold on the beginning of January. Sabaku is walking to school. He has light blue hair. Half of his hair covers his left eye. His eyes are light black. He is wearing the usual school uniform. The coat is crimson, and he is wearing a black v-neck shirt. He is wearing a white cross necklace with a loop around his neck. He is wearing black pants and white sneakers. He is carrying his black satchel, that holds all his school supplies. He stops to let some cars go by, and then he crosses the road. He is carrying an umbrella and he keeps it toward the sun. He walks to the school grounds. He is a few minutes late and he runs to the front doors before they closed. He grabs the door and slips inside the door. He takes down the umbrella and he walks to his homeroom. He gets to his homeroom and he sits down in his seat, that is far away from the window. His teacher was informed that he has a rare skin condition that can easily burn in the sunlight. He opens his satchel and gets out his pen and his notebook. He continues the unfinished homework. Laika walks in and she is wearing the females school uniform. She has a crimson coat with a red bow tie. Her skirt is black with a white line around the bottom. She sits down beside Sabaku and she looks at what he is writing. She notices that its their homework from last night. She searches through her bag and she finds her homework and it is finished and correct. 

 "Damn it. This is so frustrating." Sabaku whispers. Laika looks beside her and sees that Sabaku is struggling on his homework. She looks at the question number and she then looks at her paper. She gives Sabaku her paper. He looks up at her.

 "You need help?" Laika asks. Sabaku looks back down and tries to solve the problem. 

 "Tch, I don't need any help." Sabaku says arrogantly. Laika takes her paper and she turns toward the front.

 "Alright suit yourself." Laika says. She waits for the teacher to come into the classroom. Sabaku rolls his eyes and he goes back to solving the problem. He finally gets irritated and he looks at Laika. 

 "Can you give me your paper please?" Sabaku asks Laika holding his hand out to her. She smirks and looks back. She hands him her paper and he takes it and copies her answers. He gives it back to her and he looks at all his answers. "They are correct right?" Sabaku asks as he looks at Laika. 

 "I have an A in this class of course they are right." Laika says. "I'll tutor you if you want me too." Sabaku turns his head. 

 "As if I need a tutor." Sabaku says. A teen male with brown hair that goes down to the end of his nose, and has brown eyes walk to them. 

 "Sabaku you have a low D in the class. So how in the hell do you decline her tutoring you?" The teen says. 

 "Shut up Kenji!" Sabaku says as he slams his fist on his desk. "No one asked for your damn opinion." Sabaku looks at the corner of his eye at Kenji. Kenji puts his hands on Sabaku's shoulders and moves his head closer to his ear almost like seducing him. 

 "You're the one who rejected this poor girl's invitation to tutor you. Its a shame to reject a cute girl's invitation. Who knows." Kenji moves closer to his ear. "She might even let you hit her-" Sabaku closes Kenji's mouth and he gets up. 

 "I'm not using her for a sex toy. Now leave me alone." Sabaku says glaring at Kenji. Kenji has a devilish smirk.

 "Alright chill." Keji says. He backs up and walks to his desk. Laika looks at Sabaku who is still staring at Kenji. 

 "Whatever he said, I appreciate that you said what was right." Laika says. Sabaku looks at her. 

 "I don't need you thanking me, so just keep your mouth shut." Sabaku says. He sits down. A substitute teacher comes in the room. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a business suit that is black and has a red tie. She puts down her binder on the teacher's desk.

 "Alright students. I'm Mrs. Toriyami. I'll be taking roll so please be seated." Mrs. Toriyami says. After class during break Laika walks to the break area and she sits with her friends. Sabaku stays inside with three other students who have the same skin condition. One of them is Kenji. Sabaku stares out the window looking at the people having fun. Laika notices him staring out the window and she tilts her head. She waves and her friends look at who she is waving to, and can't spot who it is. She sees Sabaku leave from the window and disappear out of view. Kenji is sitting on a desk looking at the cheerleaders. 

 "I'm thinking about scoring with all the cheerleaders." Kenji says as he smirks. Sabaku glares at Kenji. 

 "You perverted bastard. Having sexual intercourse with the cheerleaders will only get you a STD." Sabaku says. Kenji looks at Sabaku. 

 "Look who knows about sex all of a sudden. I thought you wasn't into that kind of stuff." Kenji says smirking. 

 "You know every male teen in this school knows about sex. Some more than others." Sabaku says. He crosses his arms. Kenji gets off the desk and walks to Sabaku. 

 "I know one thing. You're not a vir-" Sabaku punches Kenji to shut him up. Kenji holds his mouth where blood in running down his chin. He licks the blood from his lip and wipes the blood on his chin. 

 "I told you once before not to blurt that shit out!" Sabaku says. 

 "Chill Sabaku, everyone knows you've already lost your V-card." Says a male teen leaning against the wall looking out the window. He has blonde hair that goes pass his eyebrows. His eyes are green, and he is wearing the male uniform. He has blue sneakers on. 

 "Ikki is right. You should just stop with the defensive mode over it." Another teen says. He has black hair that also goes pass his eyebrows. His eyes are red, and he wears the school uniform. He is wearing black boots. 

 "I wonder how everyone knew then?" Sabaku says glaring at Kenji. Kenji smirks. 

 "Remember that Yuri told everyone that you and her had sex?" Ikki says. Sabaku rolls his eyes. 

 "I should have known she wouldn't keep her mouth shut." Sabaku says. 

 "So who is that girl that was helping you in homeroom today Sabaku?" Kain asks. Sabaku crosses his arms and he looks toward the window. 

 "Laika Yukki. She is a striaght A student, and from what I heard she is a virgin." Sabaku says. 

 "Oh a virgin eh?" Kenji says smirking. He licks his lips. "I love virgins. Their bodies are so smooth, and clean." Sabaku glares at Kenji. 

 "You're not touching her with your diseased fangs." Sabaku says. Kenji smirks at Sabaku. 

 "What is that your girl?" Kenji says. Sabaku doesn't look at him. 

 "No, she doesn't seem like the type to be into seduction and sexual activity." Sabaku says. Kenji's smirks grows bigger. 

 "Then i'll break that." Kenji says. Sabaku glares at Kenji. 

 "I'll break your face if you try anything dirty with her." Sabaku says threatening Kenji. 

 "Alright you can have her." Kenji says motioning for Sabaku to calm down. 

 "No one is touching her." Sabaku says. 


 It is night and a young teen is running down an ally trying to get away from some vampires. She bumps into one who has black hair covering his eyes, but she could still see the red color in his eyes. She quickly runs from him. She runs into the park and she trips over a short and thin log. Someone walks to her, and they have blonde hair with glowing green eyes just like the other one she saw. She gets up in horror and she runs. She runs out of the park and into the forest. She stops to catch her breath. She looks around cautiously and she sees nothing. She sighs in relief. She backs up into another person. He moves his head closer to her ear. 

 "Let me sink my needles in." Says the brown haired person. He begins to laugh. The girl runs and she looks back and sees no one. She bumps into a person with light blue hair with the hair covering his eyes. She backs up but she trips over some branches from the trees. She gets up but the light blue haired person grabs her wrist and he pulls her close to him. He covers her eyes with one hand, and tilts her head with the other. He moves his head closer to her neck. She heavily breaths.

 "Just shut up, and let my fangs pierce through your neck." The light blue haired person says. He opens his mouth and he sinks his fangs into her neck. She gasps as the fangs sink deeper into her neck. The blood flows from her neck, and goes down her into her clothing. Her lifeless body refuses to fight and she falls into an eternal sleep. He lifts his fangs out of her neck and the blood runs down from his lip. He wipes the blood from his lip, and holds her body with one arm. The other vampires walk to him. 

 "Aw Sabaku, you could have saved some for me." Kenji says. Sabaku looks at them. 

 "I had the chance so I took it." Sabaku says. He gives Ikki the body and he feeds off her while the others do too. Sabaku turns around and begins to head to his home. 

 "So is that all you're going to take?" Kain asks. 

 "I took all I needed." Sabaku says. "see you guys tomorrow." Sabaku says. He walks into the dark forest. The others still feed on the lifeless body of the girl.

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