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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter Living in London, she is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially When it comes to men.
Her very best friend is one Benedict Cumberbatch well known british actor, They have been friend for a long time, and Well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion.
Ben hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Tom Hiddleston, he a pretty sure those two wont get along at all, but one day Tom showes up unannaunced while Amber is there.
Is Bens hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two Best friends ?


10. "What if I beg Tom"

 *Amber POV*
 She had made a mistake, she had gotten to drunk and taken Bill with her to the back office, in hope of soothing at least the bodily ache she felt and now she had to pay the price.
 As soon as they had gotten into the office he had grabbed her hard and started groping her, and when she asked him to stop, he had slapped her really hard.
 And when she fell on the floor he had grabbed her by the hair and dragged her with him, now he had her on her stomach on the desk, her dress up around her waist.
 She could hear him open his pants, it took him some time because he could only use one hand, but she knew he was going to rape her.
 Then she heard the door slam open and Toms voice as cold and hard as steel cut through the room. "Let her go right now you filthy bastard".
 "Get out the bitch is just getting, what she deserves". Bill answered, a few seconds later he let go of her, and when she turned her face to look, Tom had him by the throat.
 Tom looked absolutely scary and he literally threw Bill through the room, before gently lifting her up into hos arms. "Are you okay Amber ? Did he hurt you ?"
 "He.. He hit me.. And dragges me by my hair, he wanted to.. To ". She studeered and sobbed.
 Tom gently stroked her hair holding her cradled in one arm, pressed close to hos chest. "It is okay darling, you don't have to say it".
 "Is she okay Tom ?" She heard Benedict behind her, thay had come to save her, both of them.
 Tom nodded. "She is just a bit shaken, and he has slapped her around, she just need to sleep it off, if I take her, can you please take out that piece of shit ?"
 When Tom carried her out she saw Benedict grab Bills arm and twist it hard behind his back, walking him out the room.
 She clung to Tom, he felt save and warm, and that was what she needed right now.

*Tom POV*
 "Yes I am Ben, I am taking her home with me and don't worry, I am not going to touch her in this condition, she is not capable of a sane choice right now". He says.
 Ben isn't looking happy, he has just thrown Bill in the gutter, telling him to,get lost and never get near Amber again. "Why can't I take her home ? i think she would prefer that".
 "Because Ben, you couldn't protect her, you let her walk of with that piece of shit, so she is coming with me". Tom is not going to discuss this.
 Amber blinks and look at Tom, the alcohol has really hit by now. "Don't I get a vote ?"
 "No darling, so please be quiet and relax". Tom answeres and carries her to his car, he hasn't been drinking and has no trouble driving.
 He puts her into the passenger seat and buckled her in, he turns to Benedict. "Do you need at lift Ben ?"
 "No it's fine, I have only had one drink, I have my car right over here". He still doesn't really look happy, but Tom can't care about that right now.
 "See you Ben, I promise to take of her". He gets in his car and pull out from the curb.
 She was asleep when he parked the car outside his home, and he lifted her gently up into his arms and carried her inside.
 He put her down on the bed and took of her shoes, then he opened her dress and pulled it of her, she stirred a little but didn't wake.
 She had an amazing body, slim but with all the right curves and he couldn't help but think how great it would feel to touch her.
 He pulled the blankets over her, before he went to the bathroom and made himself ready to go to bed, then he went back to the bedroom, and slid down next to her.
 When he had turned of the light, he put his arms around her and pulled her into his body.
 "Where am I ? Tom what are you doing ?" She woke up, her slurred voice telling she was pretty drunk.
 He snuggled into her back, kissing her shoulder softly. "You are in my house darling, in my bed and in my arms, and I am making sure you are safe".
 "Are you going to try and fuck me again Tom ?" She asked purring, turning around in his arms to face him.
 Tom shook his head. "No Amber, you just had a bad experience and you are pretty drunk, so no".
 "What if I beg you Tom ?" Her hands was running up his chest and she looked up at him with big eyes.
 He bit his lip, uh couldn't she just have stayed asleep ? She was going to make this hard on him. "Darling tomorrow I would loventomhave you beg me, but right now please go to sleep".
 "Please fuck me Tom, do whatever you want to me". She breathed the words out sensually and her hand run down to grab his hardening cock.
 He had to close his eyes, fuck his own ethnics, he so wanted to take her up on that offer, but he couldn't. "Amber please stop that or I will tie your hans up".
 She sighed but removed her hand and he flipped her around and pulled her into his arms again, kissing her on the hair. "Sleep tight Darling"
 And a couple of minutes later she was sound asleep, he smiled and closed his own eyes and fell asleep to.

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