A girl recieves text messages from a unknown number. They will meet in the future. but what will happen over the texts??


2. Texting and Tommorow

Dess POV


PHONE- Mystery just texted, Mystery just texted... My phone reapeted. I was laying down on my stomach on my leperad print bed. I rolled on my back and looked at it. I saved his number as Mystery because I don't know him and he is a Mystery person who just met me.


Mystery-hey babe!


Me-how many times do i have to tell u? im not ya bae


Mystery-i didn't say 'bae' i said 'babe'


Me-u technically u didn't say it. u txtd it


Mystery-whatever. wyd??


Me-nothin much laying on my back hbu?


Mystery-thinkin bout u


Me-aww that's cute. but no


Mystery-aww why??


Me-idk just no. anyways will u tell me ur name??




Me-WTF!! why not??


Mystery-cuz i don't know urs


Me-so if i told u my name u would tell me urs??


Mystery-sure why not


Me-why do i have a feeling the ur lying??


Mystery-cause maybe i am


Me-ugh fine i wont tell u my name and i'll delete you from my contacts. BYEE


Mystery-NOOO!! o.k. sammy




Mystery-my name is sammy


Me-see that's wasn't so hard no was it??


I then went to my contacts looked for his name and changed it to sammy. I went back to the text messages to see that he replyed.


Sammy-what ur's?


Me-Dess or Dess Nickole


Sammy-that's a cute name, for a sexy girl


Me-omg ur such a flirt sam


Sammy-i've had lots of people tell me that


Me-i bet


Sammy-i wanna video chat u, so i can see more of your sexy face and body


Me-uh huh fine, u got skype?


Sammy-yeah it's Sammy320


Me-mkay i just added u


Sammy POV


Dess-mkay i just added u


After she texted that I got a nonification the said I have a invite. i accepted and looked at her profile pic. She was smoking cute. I looked at it for a couple of seconds and then texted her.


Me-can i call u??


Dess-yeah sure


Me-mkay babe




Me-that's what she said


Dess-u nasty


I then decided to wait a minute to call her, I didn't want myself to seem and come off desprate.




She picked up and the camera was turned around so i was looking at an empty chair. I looked around on her screen and then jumped when she screamed.


"Dess!" I yelled enough for her to here me. She popped into the chair and smiled at the camera.


"Omg" Was all she said. 


"What?" I asked as she just stared at me for a few minutes. I looked at he and she was beautiful.


"Nothing, just your cuter than I thought. I thought you were some old dude" She laughed. I laughed along with her. She had a cute accent. I am very lucky to have her talking to my right now.


"So how you doin" She said. 


"I'm doing great now" I said showing my pearly teeth. She giggled and I looked closer at her mouth. She has braces.


"You have braces?" I asked and looked at her agian.


"Yeah got them 2 years ago" She said sighing.


"You're so cute" I whispered coming close to the camera.


"And you're fucking hot" She whispered back coming close to the camer aswell.


"Alright im getting a lil bit tired. I'll text u tomorrow mkay?" She asked and I nodded.


"Yeah sure, Well have a goodnight sleep babe" I smirked at her


"Goodnight...daddy" She said smirking back while biting her lip and hung up, leaving me with a dropped jaw and a upcoming boner.



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