A girl recieves text messages from a unknown number. They will meet in the future. but what will happen over the texts??


5. Tension and Tickets (mature audience)


Dess POV


Right now, i just got finished ordering the tickets to Omaha, NE. I bought them for 382 dollars. I only got 2 of them and they are so fucking expensive. But it will all be worth it, hopefully. I grabbed my phone and started to text Sammy.


Me-hey guess what




Me-i got the tickets




Me- yeah


Sammy-damn i wish you would have told me




Sammy-cuz i would have paid for it babygirl


Me-oh well too bad not you choice plus your worth it


Sammy-thanks boo so are you




Sammy-layin down talkn to u


Me-ohh am i boring


Sammy-no not really but you know what is




Sammy-being in a house with all lights off and alone


Me-thats creepy


Sammy-no i actually like the lights off


Me-i do also, when im sleeping


Sammy-are you alone?




Sammy-Where are you?


Me-at home duh??


Sammy-where in your house 


Me-my room why?


Sammy-i wanna try something a bit sexual before we meet so we will be comffy with each other when we are close


I actually got kind of scared. what if I have to show myself. NAKED. what if he does'nt like my body? Shit so many things went through my head, that i did'nt even realize he texted agian.


Sammy-we don't have to if you don't feel comfotable with it


Me-no i want to what do i do?


Sammy- this is how this is going to work, i will call you and you have to do what i say mkay?


Me-yeah sure


Sammy POV


Dess-Yeah sure.


After she texted that I took off my pants and laid back. I was only in my boxers. I grabbed a towel and placed it under me.


Me-babe i ready how bout u


Dess-yeah what do i have to do


Me-get naked




Me-hold on let me call you




I stopped texting Dess and went to my contacts and pressed her number and put the phone to my ear. I waiited a couple of seconds then she picked up.


"hey" she breathed


"Hey are you ready" I ask her.


"yea, ok so what do I do?" She asked. I knew she was nervous, she had a shaky breath.


"Ok, take of your underwear and lay back down" I demand. I heard shuffling in the background.


"Mkay, now what?" She asked sounding anxious. 


"Take you middle finger and your ring finger and place them on your clit and rub in small circles" I say. I hear her mumble and 'ok' and heard her gasp. 


"Mmmmm...uhhh..sammy" She moaned causing me to moan and rub myself through my boxers. I closed my eyes imagining it was her rubbing me. My eyebrows came togather when I moaned.


"N-now babygirl...f-fucking s-shit..rub yourself...ughh..harder for daddy..a-and tell me what you want me to d-do to you" I staggered. I was moaning a mess and it got worse when she started talking sexually to me


"Ughh sammy...please..r-rub me harder...fucking..mmmm, i wanna feel it...please go faster" She moaned. I started jerking myself off to the sound of her moans. I imagined her sucking me off, Her head going up and down and up, jerking me off at the same time.


"Ughh..f-fuck Dess babe...suck me h-harder" I moaned. I could see her rubbing herself moaning and taking all of me into her tight pussy. I moaned at the thought of having me inside her.


"Ughh sammy..ugh yes...im gonna cum s-so fucking bad" She panted.


"Imagine me fucking you hard till you couldn't take it anymore and begged me to stop" I panted while rubbing myself harder and faster as she screamed.


"FUCKING S-SHIT SAMMY!!!" She screamed while comming undone. I yelled and came, I lifted up my lower part into my hand harder so i could ride out my high. After I came undone I grabbed the towel I sat down beside my earlier and cleaned up. 


"Dess" I ask


"Yeah?" She said shakily. I guess she never experienced phone sex before. 

"That was the best shit i've had, like ever" I said panting a little bit


"It was to me, shit I have to clean up..im not in my room" She chuckled. I quickly sat up and asked where she was.


"Im in my roommates bed" She laughed. I joined her in the laughter.


"Alright im gonna let you go babe, I'll text u tomor?" I ask her


"Yea" She said and told me she loved me.


"I love you more babygirl goodnight" I said and hung up. I took a quick shower thinking about what I would do when she come to visit me.

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