A girl recieves text messages from a unknown number. They will meet in the future. but what will happen over the texts??


4. British and New Friends

Sammy POV


*At the Mall*


"So, what's up with you and dis mystery girl?" Skate asked. Currently we are in the Mall walking around looking for a superman ring. Dess told my she loves ring and superman. So here I am, I didn't intentionaly want to bring Skate but he is my Best friend so whatever.


"Nothing, just she's really cool and all" I shrugged and looked down.


"Mmmhmm" Skate said while puckering hos lips making kissing noises. I looked down and blushed. I laughed when he ran into a body and fell backwards. He got up and aplogized and walked up to me with a red face. 


"That's what you get for nieve" I chuckled. We walked into Alletti's Jelewry. I looked at all the Marvel rings until I found a perfect one. It was silver ring with a red outlining of the Superman logo. It was perfect. I bought it. It was a little bit expensive but she's worth every penny. I pulled out my phone as we started walking out agian and started texting Dess.


Me-hey bby


Dess-ughhh how many fucking times do i have to tell u im not your 'baby'




Dess-...no comment...


Me-lol whatever i just came out of a store a got u something


Dess-awww sammy...u didn't have to get me anything


Me-idc your worth every penny


Dess-aww your so nice




Dess-whatever, i really can't wait to see u


Me-i cant't wait to hold u


Dess-i can't wait to see your face


Me-i can't wait to kiss your face :)


Dess-maybe you can ;)






Me- Wow i so luv u right now


Dess-ik bae, ik


Me-uh huh


Dess-ok fine u can possibly kiss me


Me- r u serious??


Dess- yes i am


Me-u better not be fuckin wit me right now


Dess-im not, promise boo


Me- Yess i will not dissapoint u


Dess-lol wyd now?


Me-walking wit my best friend Skate


Dess-wait, his actual legal name is Skate?


Me-no we call him that


Dess-ohh well tell him i said ello,love


Me-oh so now your british


Dess- yes yes i am


Me- mhmhm


Dess- Ok its late here im gonna go to bed




Dess-shutup ill txt u tomor




Dess-mkay ily








Dess-I love u more than most


Me-not true bye  babes


Dess-lol bye


After I ended texting with Dess, we were off to my house so we can go to bed because it was kinda late. We walked into our house and fell right onto the bed not bothering to go to and take off my clothes.




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