The Fire and The Magic


8. Chapter 8

I ran and ran. I began to feel dizzy and at last I fainted. I was scared. I felt Like i was being moved to another place. After a few hours I Think, i Woke up. I looked around and Saw I was in the little House.. "Ugh my head" I sat up Looking around again. No one was here.. I was all Alone.. Is this a Dream? Or is this Real? "U look confused" Svala stood in the dark again Looking at me. "H-how did I get here?! And wheres Milo!" I cried. Svala Sighed and walked over to me "hes safe. I made a playroom in the cellar Down under this House." I stood up and then... I fell again "AUGH!" It hurted. "U Were out for hours Husmis! What Else Would happen! And i need some explanations On What happend out there" she looked angry at me. "Umm u see.. Olli raped me and I May be pregnant again.." I looked Ashamed crying. "Oh my poor u my Girl~" Svala hugged me, comforting me While I was crying. Then it Said boom...

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