The Fire and The Magic


7. chapter 7


I Got pushed to the Ground and turned around. I looked up in his red eyes. He had his hand On my Mouth so I Couldn't scream. "I brought u Milo so he could get taking care of! And then ur out here! Not taking care of our kid! HOW COULD U!" He was mad and nothing good came out when he was mad. I cried, but couldn't do anything. Svala couldn't hear me. We was too long away from her. "I need to punish u for this!" He began to take my clothes off and his. I knew what will happen now and tried to get away. He hold me down to the ground when he began to do it. //some time later// I looked at him crying. We were both naked. He didn't use condom when he did it.. He came in me. I was disgusted. He smiled whiping my tears away and kissed me deeply. I could only kiss back. "Ready for round 2?" He hold me down again and began doing it again to me.. Raping me.. It felt like hours before he got off me. He ran letting me lay there naked.. I got up taking my clothes on. I knew he got me pregnant.. Second time.. With his kid again.. "WHY! I DONT WANT ANOTHER KID!" I screamed out crying as I ran.


"HUSMIS!" Svala ran over and took me up. Oliver looked at her, when she took of flying away with me. It took some days before I Woke up again. "Oh thank god ur okay!" Svala sat beside my bed. "I have a surprise" she took a step to the site and there On the floor sat Milo. "Milo!" I Got out of the bed and Got over to him and sat Down. I took him in to a hug. Tears streaming from my eyes "ur okay. Ur safe now. Mama is here" i cried of happiness. Svala Got over to us sitting Down "Hello my boy" she smiled. He looked at her and booped hers nose. He made happy baby noices. "Svala where is Oliver?" I was scared. What if he found us and Milo.. "I haven't seen him in days. It was actually him Who Got Milo into the forest to us" she looked at me and smiled. "H-he did that.. Why.. Where is he? I need to talk to him!" I stood up sitting Milo Down. "I can't let u Go. U have Been out cold for a few days!" She stood infront of the door out. I looked at her and smiled. "Bye bye" I smiled and teleported out. I ran and ran around the forest to find him. And then it happend....

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