The Fire and The Magic


5. Chapter 5

I shouldn't have Said that.. He ran at me as soon as I Said it. I nearly dodged the sword, sending magic at him. He kept swinging the sword and I kept sending magic at him. I was getting exhausted and my magic got weaker and weaker. He took the chance to swing at me, stopping before it hit my neck. "Husmis. I beg u come back with me" he came close to me. I couldn't do anything.. I didn't have the energy. "I would never! I'm not even a human anymore! I'm a sorcerer! I can't go back! Someone like me isn't accepted in the city!" I didn't realized I was crying. I missed my kid so much. My little Milo with the green eyes and the blond kinda hair.. He laid the sword and hugged me "don't cry. We can hide it" he leaned in for a kiss, when a fireball came and he dodged it in the last second. Svala landed Infront of me growling "She will never go back! She will be killed again!" She had already fire ready again in hers mouth. "Well what about the kid as u said. Wait killed again?" He looked confused at us. "I got killed in this forest and got these powers.. I was a sorcerer before.. But this time my magic is stronger" I looked away, wanting to run. I was to tired.. I started to go out to the way the city was, when the dizziness hit me. I felt so dizzy.. I fainted where I was s

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