The Fire and The Magic


1. chapter 1


"SVALA!" I called out in the darkness. I was lost. She did just leave me here without explanation. "GET BACK HERE AND HELP ME!" I'm scared, I can't see anything. Where is she? Something came flying Infront of me. "Who's there?!" I yelled out. "Uhh I never left you Husmis" Someone said from the darkness in a sweet evil voice. I looked at where the voice came from. There in the darkness some purple eyes shines. "And now ur my dinner" The thing flew at me, but I dodged at the last moment and turns around. There Infront of me was a blue dragon. "What do u want of me?" I asked out. "I want ur dead! U turned me into this monster! Can't u even see its me! Svala!" She yelled at me and attacks again. This time with fire. I kept dodging. "How is it my fault that ur a dragon?!" I asked. "U killed me at first! Then I turned into this monster because of ur magic!" she yelled, sitting her claws into my shoulder, keeping me down. I looked up at her, bleeding from the shoulder. "I can't magic.." I told her before teleporting away. I can hear her flying through. This is it.. I'll die here. "U can run! But u can't hide!" She keeps yelling it again and again. I feel her claws going through my body as everything turns black. I can tell she got me in the heart. I just hope I'll end up as her.. With her..

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