Short English poem about betrayal.


1. Unfaithful

My kiss is a sign

A sign of my trust and loyalty

My lips lingering against yours is a sign of my devotion to you as a whole


My hug is a representative

A representative of my compassion and empathy

The arms wrapped around your frame is my way of creating for you a blanket of comfort


My words are pure

My words are pure and whiter than the sheets we share

When I whisper, “Love”, it is with pure intent and my voice will never tremble by the sound


Your kiss is a sign

A sign of lies and dishonesty

My lips, to you represent nothing but yet another crimson colored lining, waiting in line


Your hug is a representative

A representative of the guilt you hold, which is not misplaced

Your arms wrapped around me; nothing but shame, which can’t be expressed in anything but silence


Your words are tainted

Your words are tainted with venom

Venom of a snake, which just like you, understandably has a name mistaken for Lucifer.

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