Kik | A.I |

It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


1. Hello



If you've clicked this story, I'd like to say hello! Thank you for doing so! This is my first ever social media-ish type story I've ever done so, it might start off as crappy at first but it will get better. I'm also kinda making it up as I go but it does have a storyline, slowly coming. I hope you find this story interesting and as a first one, please let me know how I do. I've seen quite a bit of these around but I thought I'd do one myself. Updates for this will hopefully fairly regularly, I hope because I'm now starting something new. So if you like this as chapters progress be sure to give it some love and let me know your thoughts! I'll stop chatting now and let you read. Once again, hope you like it! Bye loves!





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