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It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


10. Chapter 9



Once after I had mentally agreed to listen to the song because 1. It's 5SOS and 2. I was curious if I would like it or not. So I gave it a go and after the couple minutes of the entire song, I have to admit, it had me in tears; again. To be honest, he was right, I did need to hear that but am I about to let him know that? Hell no. Just because he seems like to be the kind of guy that I can go to with my problems and everything will be alright. It's not that easy, I can't just go to you, tell you my issues then in a couple hours I'll be fine.


When I was listening to Carry On though, I did feel in the back of my head that better times are ahead I just have to hold on and come out on top and with that I felt a small hint of comfort when listening to it. Giving me a little light in my dark soul and body that I just need to believe.


...Wow this is the most positivity I've mustered towards myself in like forever, what is this?




After I listened to it I all of a sudden had this urge to text Asher. For what reason? I don't know to be honest, yeah I've been ignoring him and that's obvious to him as well. I shrugged, mentally battling my mind, like I do everyday and decided to quit ignoring him now. ​Don't do it Lucy, you're gonna regret it. He's gonna ask you where you've been, if something's wrong, to tell him what's wrong and get all up in your business just like everyone else does, or most people.


I rolled my eyes and reached for my phone. I did my passcode, went onto the app for the first time in like a week and found his contact name. I tapped on it and started to text him which was pretty simple;


​Today @ (5:11pm)


Jet Black: ​Hey... (5:11pm)


I sent it and waited how quick he'd respond or if he'd respond at all because with the distance I put between him and I, I'd doubt he'd wanna talk to me making him feel like something he said was his fault. I would understand if he didn't I mean who would wanna talk to someone who randomly out of nowhere ignores them for no reason. I wouldn't, to be honest.


For awhile I sat there staring at the text I sent him which remained as 'delivered', so he got it but hasn't read it. Just as I thought, he's ignoring me now.


I shook my head taking my mind off of that thought because he could be simply busy and couldn't get to it right away. ​Shut up Lucy, stop being clingy. One of the reasons why people always leave. Once you get attached to someone you can never learn to let go especially the ones who never cared at all.


Though I still can't help but think was he ignoring me on purpose. Giving me a taste of my own silent treatment and this silence he's giving me only makes me assume the worst, that he's given up on me and moved on to better things and better people. Oh well, this was bound to happen anyway.


​[ Hi, sorry this sucked. I didn't really have an inspiration for this chapter but I wanted to update you. I've been kinda having writers block so that's why this probably was a load of shit but hoped you still liked it despite it being shit, anyway, see ya! Love ya! ]


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