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It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


5. Chapter 4


It's been a few days since I last talked to Asher. Though he has been messaging me relentlessly over the course of these four days but I'm not gonna talk to him, although he does seem genuinely concerned about me, I don't need his sympathy. I've gotten it from other people plenty, I don't need him adding to the list of people who seem to care but really don't. I don't need someone to pull me up out of the water just to drop me in again because I've dealt with this long enough to know that that's the cycle and it always happens like that. I need to protect myself even if that means not talking to anyone and distancing myself from reality as much as possible.


But something deep in the back of my head, that little spark of hope that somehow is still there is telling me that this guy does truly wanna help. But that's the thing, its those little sparks of hope that always get washed away again. Once I'm close enough to touch whatever could help me feel better about myself, it always gets away or runs away. I want to get better, but there's always something preventing me to get better and that's the demons that always tell me otherwise.


Asher Sirwin: ​Hey, Jet Black. You okay? It's been a few days... (9:25pm)


The normal vibrate coming from my phone brought me out of my inside-head thoughts and looked. Of course it was him, who else could it have been? Hardly anyone talks to me anymore, except for him. Should I talk to him? ​No, otherwise he's gonna force you to tell him what's wrong and that clearly shows he doesn't exactly care... ​I decided against my mind this time and decided to talk to him, against my better judgement. I unlocked my phone, went onto Kik and responded to him.


​Jet Black:​ I'm fine, just needed some time to myself (9:29pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Oh, well that's a relief. I thought something bad happened to you, I got worried (9:30pm)


​Something bad has happened, its called my life. ​But I'm not about to let him know that... Don't trust him that well yet. If ever.


Jet Black: ​Oh, haha. No, I'm ok (9:31pm)


​Jet Black: ​So, what's going on with you? You haven't told me much about you. (9:32pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Oh, uh what do you want to know? (9:33pm)


Jet Black: ​Just tell me the basics for starters I guess (9:34pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Ok. I'm Asher, I'm 19 years old. I have a passion for music, I can play the drums some. (9:36pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Now tell me something about you. I don't even know your name. If nothing else, can I at least know your name? (9:37pm)


Jet Black: ​Uh, sure. I'm Lucy and I'm 18 years old. (9:38pm)


Asher Sirwin: ​Hello Lucy! Lovely to finally know you. You know what I realized? (9:40pm)


Jet Black:​ What? (9:40pm)


Asher Sirwin:​ This is our longest conversation ever! (9:41pm)


Jet Black: ​Yeah, I guess it is. Well, I need to go now. (9:42pm)


Asher Sirwin: Ok, talk to you sometime :) (9:43pm)


Jet Black: ​Bye (9:44pm)


He's right, this conversation has been the longest one and for once I wasn't snapping at him. ​Yeah, that's because your weren't drowning in self hate and didn't feel the need to bring his mood down. You're letting your guard down too quickly, Lucy. He's gonna get in, take your heart, work it the way he wants to and then crush it. It happens with everyone that comes in. Don't think that he's any different than everyone. You know all their tricks and you always fall for them. What you gonna do when you have no one? Hmm? Even if this one will seem like he cares, he's gonna get fed up eventually, and leave. They always do. He's no different. Everyone is wearing a mask, all for different reasons. His reason? To get to you and hurt you more than you'll ever know.


​[ A.N. Hi! Hope you liked this chapter. Let me know if you like it, I appreciate all of it! <3 ]


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