Kik | A.I |

It all started with a simple chat and everything changed for the both of them.


2. Chapter 1


​You have a new chat available----- accept ------ decline


I sat there for a moment looking at the faded picture of the stranger who wanted to talk to me. As far as I knew I didn't know who it was but as we all know; curiosity gets the best of us. ​I'm gonna regret accepting this, won't I? ​I asked myself. I entered in my passcode to my phone to accept another horny asshole wanting to take advantage of another victim of society.


I ventured into the app and saw the message telling me of this new 'friend'. My thumb hovered over the green accept button for a moment. I'm hesitating because once I go in, there's no going back.


The breath I didn't know I was holding escaped my lips and allowed my thumb to accept this person. I accepted it and the name up top of the screen read; ​Asher Sirwin 


I didn't know what to expect now. But I watched as the name switched from Asher Sirwin change to Asher is typing... ​so I decided to wait.


Asher Sirwin: Hello!


Jet Black: Umm... Hi?


Asher Sirwin: How are you doing? Life going good?


So far this guy seemed ok, didn't seem threatening yet. He seemed friendly but this is just one thing. Tomorrow this guy may change and seem like another person.


Jet Black: Good, pretty much it.

Jet Black: Not to be rude but why are you talking to me? How'd you find my Kik?


Asher Sirwin: ​Just thought I'd chat with someone new, is there something wrong with that?


Jet Black: ​No, I'm just curious because, I don't think I know you. Do I?


​Asher Sirwin: ​No, you don't know me but I promise I'm of no harm to you.


​Yeah right. Everyone seems nice at first but once they get to know you, they always stab you in the back. Don't let this guy damage you enough like you already are. ​I tell myself a mental note. I'm sticking to it because I don't need to worry about this guy ​AND ​myself. I'm gonna make myself a promise, I'm not gonna get to close to this guy.


Today @ 5:34 pm

​Asher Sirwin: ​Hello? Anyone there? Wherever you've gone, I hope things are good. Talk to you some other time. :)


For the rest of the day I didn't answer this guy. Yes, he seem harmless but this was the 'first encounter' so to speak and things may change. I didn't want to get too attached to this guy too quickly just because of the sake of saving myself from a world of hurt.



​A.N. Hi! So this was my first chapter. I hope it wasn't too bad and hope you liked it. Updates will come hopefully regularly. Also keep in mind, Ashton's username ​Asher Sirwin​ is made up, clearly. So don't try to contact it, lol. Anyway, see ya next time!


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