The human that is me.

Lexus Peters was a young boy of 16, and on this particular day I had gone to say hello, he was lying still on the floor, his eyes shut. His current carers, Janet and Henry, were crouched over him, bawling because they, like myself, knew just how special he was.

He was faking of course. Janet and Henry quit the very next day.

What happens when you can bring imaginary shit to life? And make it a reality? Meet Lexus, age 16, lonely sod, bored as hell, writing extraordinare, who can somehow, without knowing it, bring things into reality.

Uta~Tokyo Ghoul
Near (N)~Death note
Yamaken~My little monster
Dirk Strider~Homestuck
The bloody painter~ creepypasta
Levi~Attack on Titan
Juuzou Suzuya~Tokyo ghoul
Ciel~Black butler

(None of the cosplays are mine, credit to all original owners. They're all beautiful. P.s: The picture in the middle is actually Haru Yoshida, but for now he is a representative of Lexus.)

~Juu out~


2. ~And so we begin~

Lexus Orville Peters was an odd, unpredictable child. His parents had been out, taking his younger sister, and twin brother to a cousin's party. Lexus' cousin was stuck up, posh, and Lexus downright hated him. Everyone knew this, and so on that day, he was not forced to get into the car, and head to the family get together.

Some would say it was a coincidence. Others? Luck. But on that very evening, they did not come back. Lexus waited over night, maybe they had decided to sleep over? He waited for another day, maybe they had got caught up...? Traffic jam? He waited a week, maybe his auntie bell would call...? To inform him that his parents, and siblings had... other arrangements? He waited for a month, no calls, emails, letters. Nothing.

That was when he realised they may never be coming back.


Three years passed and the only remnants of Lexus' family was an old photo. He had been transferred to an orphanage, with much hassle... And hated it there. In fact, he'd probably re-enact the whole situation if you asked him to. It may include a lot of screaming, and hurt your ears... but whatever.

On this current day Lexus was doing the same thing as every other day, sitting in his room alone, with the lights turned off and his computer in front of him, wondering just how long it was going to take before someone came to take him away. Someone came to talk to him. Someone. Anyone.

​"Ha, He didn't see this coming though... Did he?"


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