My Strange Family

Tegan-Heart is a 13 (almost 14) year old girl who just wants to live her life to the fullest and explore the world, but her family stops her from doing so.


1. Chapter Uno

Hello, My name is Hunter-Heart Zion Hyde and I am 13, almost 14, years old. My birthday is on December 24th, and I have a twin brother named Elyas Xavier Hyde. We have the same features, likes... basically everything. We have auburn hair that turns blonde in the Summer, and Icy Blue eyes. We both like playing sports, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, and animals. We even have the same favorite animals, Raccoons or Foxes. We have a little sister named Anastasia Hope Hyde and she is 9, and her birthday is November 24th. She has red hair that always stays red no matter what, and she has normal Blue eyes. She likes everything Elyas and I like. Now for the confusing side of our family. I have a half sister names Willow Madeline Walker who is 13, almost 14 too, and her birthday is December 28th. She has red hair that turns blonde in the Summer, and normal Blue eyes. She also likes the same things that I do. Willow had a twin sister named River Blake Walker, but she sadly died. Also, they have an older sister, who shall not be named, who is 20. She ran away, so I now don't count her as one of our family members. We have the same mom, but different dads. All the Hyde kids have the same dad, and all the Walker kids have the same dad. Mom and Mr. Walker got divorced a while ago, and she had River and Willow who were 6 at the time. Elyas and I were adopted, but Anastasia was the only "natural" child of my mom and dads. Willow and her Dad and step-mom don't live with me and my parents. They live about 26 miles away from Brighton. Well, I guess that's it for my Crazy and Confusing family.

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