Blood Lust

Alex is a 17 year old transgender. He was born a girl, but identified as a boy, much to the dismay of his parents. His school days have been torturous as no one accepts him for who he is. Then one day a foreign exchange student, a Russian named Vladimir, shows up. He seems cold towards Americans, especially Alex. Alex tries to find out what's wrong with the Russian. But finding out his secret may cost Alex and Vladimir's lives.


2. "You Are Boy?"

The late bell rang, sounding tardiness for anyone hadn't made to class on time. Alex had and was sitting the back by himself away from the loud students upfront, only to find the Russian guy slink back there and sit next to him. He didn't say a word, not looking, at Alex. He just stared straight ahead again.

A minute or so later, the teacher, Mr. Franklin, walked in and smiled happily at the group of teenagers before him and said in a happy voice, "Good morning students, my name is Mr. Franklin, and the only reason I said this is because we have a new student with us today, a foreign exchange student from Russia", the teacher beamed at the young Russian, "Would you kindly come up here and say a few words about yourself".

The Russian looked like the last thing he wanted to do was to "say a few words about yourself", but he got up from his desk, giving Alex a wink as he passed by. At the front of the room, he face the rest of the class and smiled maliciously, "I am Vladimir Rorke, and I do not like anyone here. Leave me be and you'll be fine, anger me", Vladimir smiled again showing....fangs?, "Pray I don't find you"

Mr. Franklin,the smile gone from his face, spoke up as Vladimir went back to his desk, "Well, that was...interesting. Now let's get to work, can anyone tell me what the square root of fifty-five is?"


It was nearly time for lunch when Alex saw Vladimir again. But in those few hours, rumors and things about the new kid had already spread like wildfire.

"He's a psychopath!"

"I bet he's tortures animals!"

"What a weirdo!"

Alex didn't pay any attention to the cruel remarks by his peers, since he was transgender, he was almost as much of an outcast as the Russian. Alex went through the lunch line and went to sit down when he saw Vladimir, sitting alone. He figured, since it was his first day, that Vladimir didn't have anyone to sit with, so Alex went and sat down next time to him.

"Hello, again" smiled Alex

Vladimir looked up, his eyes were visible for the first time since Alex met him. His eyes were unsettling, they appeared to be multi-colored, changing from bright blue, to red, and then purple. He didn't have an overly handsome face, but had enough charisma to turn people's heads.

"Как вас зовут?" said Vladimir

Alex must have looked confused, because Vladimir smiled lightly and said, "What I said was, 'What is your name?" in Russian"

"Oh, my name is Alex Delmore" smiled Alex

"Why would your parents give you boy name?" questioned Vladimir

"What?" Alex was taken back by the question

"You heard me" said Vladimir

"Well, my name is really Alexis, but I like to be called Alex. I am a boy after all" smiled Alex

"You are boy?" Vladimir looked even more confused now

"That is not possible" said Vladimir

"Why not" asked Alex

Vladimir looked Alex up and down, "You have breasts like woman, and long hair like one too, but you say you are boy. Why?"

Alex may have been a boy, but he still have the body he had been born with, after all his parents had said they didn't have any "spare change" for a "devilish" sex change.

"Well, I was born a girl, but I know that I should have been born a boy, so I made myself as "boyish" as possible" said Alex

Vladimir nodded as he though he understood, "Okay, you are boy".


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