Blood Lust

Alex is a 17 year old transgender. He was born a girl, but identified as a boy, much to the dismay of his parents. His school days have been torturous as no one accepts him for who he is. Then one day a foreign exchange student, a Russian named Vladimir, shows up. He seems cold towards Americans, especially Alex. Alex tries to find out what's wrong with the Russian. But finding out his secret may cost Alex and Vladimir's lives.


1. "Americans"

Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee-

The alarm's annoying beep was cut off by a hand slamming down on it. Alex yawned and reluctantly got out of his bed. Well actually it would be "her" bed, but Alex was a transgender who identified as a boy. His parents didn't approve and always called him "It". "

Your were born a girl and that's what you'll always be, so quit being stupid" is what his parents would say.

Alex grabbed a random shirt and jeans, slipping the clothing on, walked downstairs to the kitchen, hoping to grab some breakfast before her parents were awake, but to her dismay, both of her parents were awake and sitting at the table. His father, Rich, was reading the newspaper, drinking a cup of cold coffee. His mother, Rosa, was busy doing dishes, so maybe they wouldn't notice Alex as he slipped into the kitchen to grab a slice of toast sitting on table.

"WELL, GOOD MORNING" boomed Rich, "How did you sleep, It"

"Fine" muttered Alex, grabbing the toast, "I'm going to get going to school"

And without an acknowledgement he was heard, Alex, grabbed his backpack by the door, and left for school.


The bus ride to Central Dale High was a pretty normal one. The popular kids in the front, loudly laughing and talking. Alex went to sit in his usual seat only to find it occupied by a guy he didn't recognize.

The guy had long jet black hair with bright almost blood red tips, it covered his eyes, but they still seemed to gleam a color. Was it purple? Yellow? He didn't acknowledge someone was beside him and kept staring straight ahead. That's when Alex spoke up, "Um, you're in my seat..."

No response.

Alex tried again, "Could you scoot over so I can sit?"

Still no response, but the guy moved over just enough to allow Alex to sit next to him

The guy's skin seemed cold as ice, and had the skin tone of paper, but seemed alive enough to utter a single word, "Americans", in a thick Russian accent. He said nothing else for the remainder of the bus ride. After what seem like forever, the bus pulled into the school parking lot and was opening it's doors to let kids out. The Russian got up, grabbing his bag in one swift motion, walked off the bus and into the school.

"What a weirdo.", thought Alex, as he got off the bus and followed suit towards the school.

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