Senior Year

Fuji and Zane are starting senior year at Fairy Tail High School. Who knows what trouble they may come across this year.


6. Trapped

Chapter 6 “Trapped”


    At the wedding chapel, I am getting ready to be married to Zane. For our honeymoon, we’re are going to Meteli, to a beautiful lake house, in the forest, by an abandoned amusement park. If it’s that beautiful , maybe we can live there.

    Zianna: “Oh my…you look just like your mother. I know she would be proud of you.”

    Fuji: “Thank you. I miss her so much. I’m just thinking about something.”

    Zianna: “I know you do. What’s wrong, dear?”

    Fuji: “Nothing…Excuse me.” (runs into the bathroom)

    Zianna: (follows her) “Are you okay? ZANE!!!”

    Fuji: “No. I…don’t wanna ruin his special day.”

    Zane: (runs into the room) “What’s going on?” (kneels down by Fuji, holding her hair back)

    Zianna: “Why is she throwing up!?”

    Zane: “No reason. She just isn’t feeling well. Can I have a few minutes alone with her before the wedding?”

    Zianna: “Ya. Get better, sweetie.” (leaves the room)

    Zane: “Baby. Are you okay?”

    Fuji: “Ya, just morning sickness. I’m fine. Don’t worry. Let’s just get married.”

    Zane: “Alright.” (hooks her arm and walks with her down the aisle)

    Priest: “Zane , do you take this beautiful young woman, to be your lovely wedded bride?”

    Zane: “I do.” (smiles as eyes sparkles)

    Priest: “And Fuji, do you take this handsome young man, to be your lovely wedded husband?”

    Fuji: “I do.” (tears up and smiles)

    Priest: “I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Zane: “Come here angel.” (sweeps her off her feet and kisses her)

Fuji: (holds onto his shoulders) “I love you.”

Zane: “I love you too. Come on, let’s go to Meteli.”

Fuji: “Ya.” (grabs his hand and starts to go)

Zane: “No, no, no. Not like that.” (picks her up bridal style and carries her out the door)

We get into a black limo and head toward Meteli.

Driver: “Where to?”

Zane: “Meteli Lake House please.”

I start feeling queasy again after awhile, so I lay my head against the window.

Zane: “Are you feeling okay?” (rubs her arm)

Fuji: “Y-yes just feeling a little queasy again?”
    Zane: “Do we need to stop somewhere?”

Fuji: “I don’t…” (gags)

Zane: “Driver, please stop at the next rest stop.”

Driver: “Next rest stop is about five minutes away.”

Zane: “Do you think you can make it?”

Fuji: “Hopefully.” (looks out the window)

Zane: “Almost there?”

Driver: “Here.”

Fuji: “Thank goodness.” (hurries out of the car into the restroom)

Zane: *sighs* “Oh baby.” (runs after her and gets her hair up)

Fuji: (throws up til’ throat is dry)

Zane: (hands her some water) “You okay, baby?”

Fuji: (gulps water down) “Y-ya thanks for the water.”

Zane: “You’re welcome. Alright, let’s get you back to the car. It’s almost midnight.”

Fuji: “O-okay.” (puts arm around him and walks back weakly)

Zane: (gets back to the car and opens the door) “Are you sure you’re gonna to be okay the rest of the way to Meteli?”

Fuji: “Yes. I love you.” (rubs his arm)

Zane: “I love you too. Hey, it’s not your fault, don’t worry.”

Fuji: *yawns* “Thanks, babe.” (lays head on Zane’s lap and falls asleep)

Zane: “Goodnight angel.” (kisses her head and pets her hair)

As I sleep, Zane rubs my stomach softly and touches my arm as I curl up for warmth. He puts a blanket on me and soon after leans his head back tiredly. The next thing I know, I wake up alone in the car. I look outside and see an abandoned amusement park and footprints toward the carousel.

???: “Now you.” (pulls a bag over her head and kidnaps her)

Fuji: “Let me out!” (bangs on the sack as it comes off)

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