Senior Year

Fuji and Zane are starting senior year at Fairy Tail High School. Who knows what trouble they may come across this year.


3. Kidnapped

Zane: *Yawn* “Good morning Fu-” (eyes open widely) “Fuji!?” (darts out the door)

The mysterious men from last night, they drag Fuji to their “lair” and tie her up to a chair. Many hours later, she wakes up weakly.

    Fuji: “W-where am I? Hey!! L-let me go!” (strangles in the tied up ropes)

    ???: “Quiet!” (hits her) “The boss will be here shortly. He was right about one thing. A pretty lady like you will be very useful. Heh”

    Fuji: “What does he want with me? And what did I ever do to you guys, even though I have no idea who you are?”

    ???: “Oh, I think you know us...very well.” (steps into the light)

    Fuji: “W-what? No! It can’t be. This is all dream.”

???: “Nope, I’m Hunter, that’s Zadicus, and the boss is-”

???: “Hey! Where’s the girl?”

Hunter: ”She’s down here with us sir.”

???: “Good. Do yours fun with her then bring the girl up to the chamber.”

Hunter: “Yes sir.”

Zadicus: “Yes sir.” (surrounds her and touches Fuji’s hair)

Fuji: “Don’t touch me, you rude pervs.”

Hunter: “Well then...” (slaps her arm hard)

Fuji: “Ahhh! W-why do I have to be here?”

Zadicus: “It’s the boss’s orders not ours.”

Hunter: “Alright enough of our torture. Let’s take her upstairs.” (picks her up and ties her to an electrical chamber)

While Fuji frantically searches for a way out, Zane looks for her in the woods, where there is a secret lab.

Zane: “Come on, where is she?” (searches through the trees and bushes)

The wind: “Danger...danger...”

Zane: “I don’t care, I’m not giving up on her. I’m coming to save you, Fuji!” (runs darker into the woods)

In the meantime, Fuji nervously waits for the boss to arrive. As Hunter and Zadicus flip the power lever teasingly, the electricity starts to drain Fuji’s energy.

Hunter: “Haha, this is more fun than I intended.” (smiles evily)

Zadicus: “Yes brother. Though, lightning would be more appealing and create worse pain. Mwahahahaha!”

Fuji: “P-please l-let me go. I-I d-did nothing to you.”

Hunter: “That is where you are wrong, little lady. Oh look, the boss is here, better get you ready.” (turns on the chamber to full power)

Fuji: “Ahhh!” (energy weakens miraculously)

Boss?: “Well now, I’m sorry to tell you, but this is all just the beginning. Now, comes the fun part.” (puts her in a test chamber and pours mind control)

Zadicus: “Is she ready Ar- erm...I mean boss?”

Boss?: “Almost, we’ll release her when the boy arrives. And Zadicus?”

Zadicus: “Ya?”

Boss?: “Don’t ever, say my name AGAIN!!!”

Zadicus: “Y-yes sir!”

Boss?: “Hunter, Zadicus, get ready, the boy is here.”

Hunter: (whispers in Fuji’s ear) “Terminate Zane and report back to the boss.”

Fuji: “Yes sir. What shall I do with his body, Mr.Hunter?”

Hunter: “We can deal with it later. Now attack, my evil girl.”

Fuji: “Gladly.” (opens the door and goes outside)

Zane: “F-Fuji? I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Fuji: “Must destroy.” (shoots him back against a tree)

Zane: “A-are you okay? Why did you do that?”

Boss?: “She’s mine now. Mwahahahaha! Minion, ATTACK!!!”

Fuji: “Must Destroy, must destroy.” (comes at Zane slowly)

Zane: “Artemis...what have you done to her!?”

Artemis: “I’ve made her want to be with me again, she is more powerful than ever now.”

Zane: “Okay look, I realize that you and your brothers are wanting revenge just because she wouldn’t go out with you. Also, what about Kimmy~Chan, she wouldn’t want this. You know she’s dead, right?”

Artemis: “Well ya, we helped Haru kill her.”

Fuji: “Now this is where you die instead.”

Artemis: “What!? How?” (stands there in shock)

Zane: “Looks to me like she wasn’t yours after all, but how?”

Fuji: “I thought about you and our love. I love you, Zane.”

Artemis: “How could ever love him? He can’t morph like we can.”

Fuji: “I don’t care. I love him for who he is, not what he is. You’re the evil one, and I will never fall in love with you.” (morphs into fire cheetah and slaughters him)

Hunter: “Did you forget about us?” (holds up power orb and drains more of Fuji’s energy)

Fuji: ”Ahhh!” (falls to the ground, but doesn’t pass out)

Zane: “Fuji!! It’s just you and me now.” (creates two demonic black swords) “Now you die!” (holds sword up to Hunter’s neck and cuts it slowly)

Hunter: “W-wait, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about Haru. I-if you spare my life.”

Zane: “That will depend on what you tell me. And before anything gets done, give Fuji her power back.”

Hunter: “Alright, alright!” (grabs power orb and gives Fuji her power)

Zane: “Now explain Haru and Artemis. Why did my father and brother really do this? I know Artemis isn’t really one of your guys’ brother.”

Hunter: “I know, he faked it to hide his identity, but what did she mean when she said that she would never fall in love with him?”

Zane: “A few years ago, Fuji’s mother passed away; before that, my dad and her mom dated. I think when Rose died, a part of her spirit possessed Fuji. And when she said that, I think that part of her was released.”

Hunter: “I see, now what?” (starts to get up)

Zane: “Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast.” (stops him in his tracks)

Hunter: “I-I told you everything!”

Zane: “Yes, but doesn’t mean I’m letting you live.”

Hunter: “Wait...WHAT!!!” (tries to get out of his grip)

Zane: “Did you really think I was gonna let you live?”

Hunter: “Yes, and you said you’d spare me!”

Zane: “I changed my mind. You don’t deserve to it after everything.” (grabs him by the throat)

Fuji: “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of this.” (comes up behind Hunter and stabs him in the back)

Hunter: “Ugh...” (falls to the ground as Fuji falls into Zane’s arms)

Zane: “Heh. Are you okay?”

Fuji: “Yeah. T-thanks for catching me.”

Zane: ”You’re welcome, but how did you do that exactly?”

Fuji: “What was left of my mother...” (starts to cry in her arms)

Zane: “It’s okay, it’s okay. She’s in a better place now. And she will always be with you.” (holds up her mother’s amulet)

Fuji: (smiles) “Always. It’ll be hard without my mother’s spirit, but I have you.”

Zane: “We will stick together no matter what. I love you so much, Fuji. And I don’t want to lose what we have with each other. Come on, let’s go home. We have Halloween tomorrow.” (grabs her hand gently)

Fuji: “With you?”

Zane: “Yes, there is a spare bedroom at my house and my mom is perfectly okay with it.”

Fuji: (smiles brightly) “Thank you so much. I love you too. Alright then, let’s head home.” (kisses him and takes his hand then leaves)

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