Senior Year

Fuji and Zane are starting senior year at Fairy Tail High School. Who knows what trouble they may come across this year.


4. Halloween

The two magic users make it home safely.

    Zianna: “You guys made it home safe.” (hugs them tightly)

Zane: “Good to see you too, mother.”

Fuji: “Glad you’re okay, Zianna.”

Zianna: “Why exactly wouldn’t I be okay?”

Zane: “True. Forget we said anything.”

Zianna: ”Alright, anyway, you guys need to rest up. And Fuji, we’re going later for Halloween costumes. Okay, now go rest.”

Fuji: “Alright, night guys.”

Zane: “Night. I love you.”

Fuji: “I love you too.” (hugs and kisses him)

Soon after almost an hour later, my dreams started to go back to my past and the life I had before anything had happened. It made me sad, but also kinda happy to see my good memories. The next morning, I got up early and wore a pair of black jeans, a Green Day hoodie, and some black high heel boots.

Zianna: “Good morning , Fuji and Zane. Want some breakfast?”

Fuji: “Sure, but aren’t we getting costumes? We have school today.”

Zianna: “I already talked with Mr. Dragneel and he said it was fine.”

Zane: “Oh okay, then let’s go shopping.”

Fuji: “Ya, this will be so much fun.” (smiles)

They get in the car and head to the mall.

Zianna: “Alright guys, go try some on.”

Fuji: “Ooh, how these two?”

Zianna: “I love them. Zane honey, did you find anything yet?”

Zane: “Um well, I found these. Does that count?”

Fuji: “Well they are cute, but you know they’re girls’ costumes, right?”

Zane: “Oh, right. Sorry, I’m gonna go now, I’ll be back.”

After about one hour, he comes back with a boy mad hatter costume and a warrior costume.

Fuji: “I like them both. And that one matches one of my options.”

Zane: “That’s pretty cool. I think you would look adorable in either one of them.”

Fuji: “Aww. Thank you, but which one do you love?”

Zane: “Well I like the mad hatter one.” (holds the costume up)

Fuji: “Then I’ll get the dark Alice costume.” (smiles and shows costume)

Zane: “You’re gonna look adorable, Fuji.”

Zianna: “Aww, you guys are gonna look so cute together. Come on, I still have to take you to school.”

Fuji: “Thanks, now let’s go.”

They head to school with their new costumes. Fuji stops in her tracks in front of the school.

Zane: “Hey are you okay?” (touches her arm and feels her shaking with fear)

Fuji: “W-we can’t go to the Halloween events. I-I had a vision, Haru is coming for us again.”

Zane: “Oh come on, we need a break. Besides, we always kick his butt anyway. Just relax.”

Fuji: “RELAX...RELAX!!! How are we supposed to relax when we are always on the run. I don’t know if you haven’t noticed, but we both almost died multiple times!!!”

Zane: “Well excuse me for trying to relieve some stress. This is stupid. Besides, your visions are hardly ever right anyway!”

Fuji: “I hate you. Why are you so trusting!?”

Zane: “Why do I even love you!?”

Fuji: “I...” (starts crying and flies off)

Zane: “Wait! I didn’t...” (chases after her)

Fuji: “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” (hits him with a fireball and flies away quickly)

Zane: “What have I done?” (starts to tear up and sinks to knees)

I fly as far as my wings can take me, until my body got weak. With tear stains on my cheek and my throat dry from crying, I sit on a cliff regretting life. Then out of nowhere, a hand covers my mouth and drags me into the darkness.

Fuji: “Mmm...MmmMmm...”

Haru: “I’m back and now you will never win this time.”

Fuji: “No!” (tries to escape)

Haru: “Don’t even try!” (slits her arms)

Fuji: “Ahhh!” (breathes heavily and winces in pain)

Haru: “Now for some fun.”

He ties her up to a poison power chamber and turns it to medium power.

Fuji: “I just want Zane back. I never meant what I said. Please come for me, please.” (starts to cry)

Meanwhile, Zane sits on a bench, thinking to himself. After awhile, he hears a voice that sounds just like Fuji.

Voice: “I need you. Please help me.

Zane darts toward the dark woods to where Haru is keeping Fuji prisoner.

Haru: “Obey your master.” (turns up the power)

Fuji: “N-never.” (struggles for strength)

Someone busts through the wall.

Zane: “I’m here. Haru, you die now.” (gets into battle position)

Haru: “Ha, why are you here brother? You know she don’t want you anymore.”

Zane: “I don’t care. I made a promise to protect her, and that I will never break. If you can hear me, Fuji, please know I’ll always love you forever, even if you won’t.”

Haru: “Aww, that’s so sweet.” (in a demonic voice) “Too bad it’s die time now.”

Zane: “No, it’s your time to die.” (freezes him in time and frees Fuji)

Fuji: (bursts into tears and hugs Zane tightly) “I-I’m sorry, this is all my fault. I’m so stupid for acting the way I did.”

Zane: “Ssh… no, it was me. I said something I didn’t mean and I’m so sorry.”

Fuji: “I just missed you much. I didn’t mean what I said either. Please forgive me.”

Zane: “Of course. I love you, now come here and let me show you how much I love you.” (pulls her close and kisses her passionately)

Fuji: “Mmm… Come on let’s get to school, remember the last day is tomorrow for us, since we passed all our classes.”

Zane: “Alright fine. Get on the flying carpet.”

Fuji: “Okay, let’s go.” (gets on the carpet and holds onto Zane’s waist as they ride to school)

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