The Hungry 100

A crossover between The 100 and The Hunger Games. Bellamy and Katniss' worlds collide.


1. Two Sad Endings

Bellamy was torn in pieces after Clarke died. No one saw it coming. Especially not him. He felt like an idiot for not making a move and confessing how he truly felt to her. Maybe she loved him, too. But now he'll never know.

[A few months earlier]
Raven pounded into camp on horseback, screaming. People were surrounding her, wondering what was happening. At the main building, she jumped off the horse and ran inside. She headed straight for Abbey, who happened to be with Bellamy. Bell noticed the distressed look on Raven's face.
"Raven. I need you to tell me what's going on," Bellamy said. Raven sobbed and tears ran down her face.
"There-there was a rebellion. Some of the Grounders retaliated against Lexa and Clarke jut happened to be there. They killed Lexa and then they-they-" she began sobbing again.
With a fierceness in his eyes Bellamy pounded his fists in the table and yelled, " Just tell me what the fuck happened, Raven!" Abbey placed a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down.
Raven glared at Bellamy and said, "They killed her, Bell."
He collapsed to the floor and screamed. His eyes were overflowing with tears and his heart was burning for Clarke. Abbey wrapped his arms around him. When he made no move to comfort her, she stood up and walked away, wiping snot from her nose.

Katniss was crumpled on the floor. How could he have done this? Why did Peeta have to go and kill himself? He had given her a ring for her finger and a baby for her stomach. Peeta was always happy- until the miscarriage. Only a few weeks after that, she walked in on his hanging body.

[A few months earlier]
Katniss trudged into the house she shared with Peeta.
"Peeta?" She called. "Peeta, honey. Where are you?" He said nothing, which was very abnormal. He always came to her and pulled her into his arms with a big bear hug. She flicked on the light. He wasn't in the living room, so she walked to the kitchen. Not there, either. He wasn't in the bedroom, the basement, or the office, so she assumed that he was just out for a little bit.
Katniss proceeded to complete her usual nightly routine- put on pajamas, eat a snack, watch something, and brush her teeth. As she walked into the bathroom, she realised  she had never  checked in there. She flipped the light switch and screamed. The bath tub was filled all the way and Peeta was bobbing in it, lifeless. His skin was blue and he was face down. On the counter his bottle of Xanax was completely empty. She sank to her knees and pulled him out of the tub and looked at his cold, glazed-over eyes. Her breath hitched and she collapsed, sobbing.


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