My Diary

Just a place where I let my mind go.
Small stories about big feelings.


10. 25/7-2017



The media's got so many things to say

"Wear this, wear that: talk a certain way"

"We need feminism, but you still have to worship your man"

"Curvy girls are pretty, but only if they don't have rolls and the fat is in the right places"

"It's okay to cry just make sure it doesn't look like you're complaining"


The sun was shining but now it's raining.

I walk and stand beside a puddle

Make a move - small and subtle

And suddenly I find myself enjoying the memories of childhood


But why do we feel the need to blame society when WE are society?

And why does everyone care about anything else than themselves?

We all ask: "What should we do?"

I think the answer is "You do you"


We tell everyone else that it's okay to be different

While we tell ourselves that we should just try and blend in

We're all so busy being embarrassed about our own lives

That we fail to realize

How depressing all this is, being only lies.

There's always some trend that you should try and follow

And if you fail to succeed, your life will be seen as



We're all so busy trying to be double-sided and we tell ourselves that "we don't mind it"

But why is everyone curious about other people's business and their own?

Is that the reason behind today's youth being so quick to leave home?

We all ask "what should we do?"
I think the answer is: "YOU DO YOU"

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