Poetry for fish

Just a place where I let my mind go.
Small stories about big feelings.


7. 22/1-2017


Bastard Søn.
Is that what you think of me? All of you?
I’ve been faithful. I’ve been kind.
I’ve put up with so much crap from you
and all the others.

What do I get in return?


Bastard Datter.
Is that even a thing?
In old days you would’ve have cast me out
into the streets. And they would molest me.
Harm me.

Would you turn the cheek?


Moder min.
You raised me. And my brothers.
Three boys, dad was ecstatic.
Then came one small, lonely girl.
Apparently, my gender was not appreciated.

Why did you stay on their side?


Fader min.
Family is a concept you never taught me about.
I had to learn it the hard way.
Friends laughed. When I asked
and got no answers.

Is it me there’s something wrong with?


What is it that keeps you here?
Why not run away. Flee.
Find a place you can call home.
And settle for that.

Why not let go and be happy?

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