Snow's Art Journal of Intricate and Crafty Artwork

---Art is the colour of life---

That's what I think art is. It is not a bunch of instruments and colours thrown together to make a picture. It is not some boring person who just thinks, "I don't know what good drawing a picture is gonna do to me, but I might as well just do some rubbish on the page."
And, that, my friend, is someone who is not an artist.


2. What I Plan To Do Here

I plan to do art in this journal.

Well, of course, this is an art journal so I definitely don't expect to do poetry or story-writing here. You see, I have always wanted a manual art journal- like a real journal to skim through. Anyway, I thought I could always post my art here.

I am going to post my drawings here, digital or handmade, and it is not really to become the next Leonardo Da Vinci or someone.

I just want a place to showcase my drawings publicly, like my very own gallery...

*dreamy music coming up*

Ha! So, I just want to add that I'm definitely not the best out there. Yeah, I know a dozen of people over here who are WAY better than me... But, seriously, everything takes time...

I'm pretty sure even Picasso took his time.

So, bear with me and, yeah, if you could tell me what you think honestly, I would love it!




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