Snow's Art Journal of Intricate and Crafty Artwork

---Art is the colour of life---

That's what I think art is. It is not a bunch of instruments and colours thrown together to make a picture. It is not some boring person who just thinks, "I don't know what good drawing a picture is gonna do to me, but I might as well just do some rubbish on the page."
And, that, my friend, is someone who is not an artist.


7. 5. Drawing 5- The Last Human Standing




​At last! A coloured drawing!

To be totally truthful, this was a drawing way back in January and I despised using colour pencils up until then. I had just gotten a new drawing journal (yes, a manual one!!) and I gave coloured pencils a shot. The turnout was brilliant and I like to consider this one of my masterpieces.

The image is very basic, really. It is a person standing in front of the sun on a barren land. The person is the last human on earth - probably waiting to die. The sky is a little green-ish to make the whole drawing a bit more creepy and more science-fictional.

As I said, I love this drawing!



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