Sisters united

Addie, Bella-Sarah, Brooke, Saphire Rose, and Heavenly Gracie had a perfect life. But soon, everything falls apart


9. Bella-sarah

Life was not great, but it was better than we've experienced. Iwas six now. Addie and I were together. We told the social worker that she can't separate us. She agreed.

It was a beautiful afternoon, Addie and I were dancing around outside, singing songs and making jokes. A white van drove up. The side of the van said/

Merryway's foster home for girls..

Addie and I ignored it and kept on playing. The driver went inside our house and came back out twenty minutes later. Addie and I were lying down, looking at the clouds. "Hey girls, my name is Quin Merryway. I'm the foster mom of Merryway's foster home for girls." She said. "Hi." We replied. She bent down to examine the two of us. "Would you two like to come and live with me?" She asked. Addie sat up. "The both of us?" She asked. "Yes. You'll have a foster dad, Paul Meryway. And four foster sisters. You have a big house. And a great and safe school. You would make a perfect edition to our family." She said, smoothing our hair. I looked at Addie, she looked at me. We nodded and smiled. "Yes, we'd love to live with you." Addie said, hugging the woman.

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