Mr. Bad Ass Bassist

"MAYBE IF YOU DIDNT ACT LIKE SUCH A BAD ASS GIRLS WOULD LIKE YOU!" Ashlynn barked at Calum who was overly an Ass it made her angry and if there was one thing Calum loved was seeing Ashlynn angry at him it was a fantasy he had.. And he'd take the opportunity to make her his girl so he'd finally be The Bad Ass Bassist with a babe..


1. God I Hate You Mr. Bad Ass

(Song Of The Chapter - Make You Miss Me by Sam Hunt)

I had never been one to care about lots of things but after my brother was killed by a drunk driver I had been wearing his sweatshirts most of his clothes and I had been sleeping in his bed everything about him I missed and Calum Hood? He had said awful things about my brother and god did I hate him for it. My parents were concerned about me and the fact that I hated everything. Let's figure out why I hate Calum so much and what might possibly change my mind.


"Why couldn't you have died too Ashlynn!" Calum looked down at me I had teared up and punched him in the jaw. "Why don't you just go die in hell!" I barked and ran off crying. Ashton looked at Calum and shook his head. "You do that shit and you have no chance with her Cal you gotta fix it before school is over." I heard everything Ashton had said but did he like me? I had to find out.


I had been sitting in Acting Class our teacher had been pairing us up when I heard. "Ashlynn and Calum are going to perform Romeo and Juliet." I had looked at Calum and he looked at me smirking. I let out a sigh and moved my chair close to him. "Where do you wanna practice. Mine or yours?" I had asked kindly. "Mine." He smiled devilishly. I nodded. "Okay then." I agreed. "Oh and you can call me daddy." He kept his smirk. "How about fuckboy instead." I smirked.


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