The Colorful Haired Boy In The Pikachu Onesie

Karley had gotten a new brother well step brother she had to leave London to live with her Step Mom and Step Brother and she didn't want to but little did she know how cheeky, perverted, and Attractive Michael was maybe they'd be more..


3. Fine As Hell

(Song Of The Chapter - Caroline by Aminé) 
I had went to a party with Calum and he was dancing during Caroline and boy could he dance he was amazing. He had gotten me to dance against him I heard him groan in my ear so a smirk placed itself on my lips. He had his hands on my hips as I swayed them until Michael walked in and I turned hugging him hiding my face as he held me in his arms. "Hey Cal have you seen Karley?" He said in a shivering tone. I gave up and turned hugging him. "I'm here Mikey. But not that you care you think playing by the rules is fun I play the dangerous side like right now." I softly kissed Michael and walked out silently. All I wanted was to go back to London. Josh appeared out of nowhere and hugged me. "Josh I-I wanna go back to London with you again." I begged him. "Alright." He softly kissed me as I returned it. "I'll pick you up in the morning Karley." He said and left.


When I got home Michael chased me up the stairs to my room. I grabbed a bag and he growled at me. I began packing my things considering I had like no clothes. "Karley... please don't le-leave..." he choked out. I turned around seeing Michael in tears when he grabbed me hugging me. "Mikey honestly you don't care." I grabbed my bag and broke free of him. I skipped steps as he slid down the railing. I opened the door Josh smiling. "Ready darling?" He asked as I nodded I was ready until Michael laughed. "That's who your going with?" I walked out the door and slammed it in his face.

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