The Colorful Haired Boy In The Pikachu Onesie

Karley had gotten a new brother well step brother she had to leave London to live with her Step Mom and Step Brother and she didn't want to but little did she know how cheeky, perverted, and Attractive Michael was maybe they'd be more..


2. Blue Ain't Your Color

(Song Of The Chapter - Blue Ain't Your Color by Keith Urban)

"Mom is gonna kill you if she sees your wearing Blue lingerie. But I won't tell if you won't." He smirked I was turned on by such words but I ignored his comment his friend who I believe was named Luke smiled. "I have to disagree Mikey I think it looks hot." A blush rising from my cheeks as well as his and a tiny bit embarrassing. "Well at least I'm not wearing nothing." I teased standing up and hugging them going downstairs and opening the door. "Your dating a country boy?" Michael scoffed. "Yes and I'm perfectly happy." I fought back as Joshua wrapped his arms around me and smiled. I had left with him going to the Farm.


I had been horseback riding all day Michael was blowing up my phone but I didn't answer. I had got home late andwalked into my room where I found Michael laying shirtless on my bed. I decided to be nice and changed laying with him my head in the crook of his neck. He had interlocked his arms around me but I didn't mind at all I just figured he felt like someone loved him. I kissed his cheek and cuddled up to him when he pulled the covers over us. I heard our parents walk in and tapped me. "Karly..." Karen whispered and I turned in his arms sitting up. "Yeah?" I asked I saw anger in her eyes. "Move Michael into HIS room." She said with emphasis on his. I nodded and got out of his hold and threw him over my shoulders going to his room. Once I laid him down he woke and looked at me. "Why aren't we in your room Karly?" He frowned my heart shattered. "Because your mom walked in and woke me to bring you in here." My eyes got teary I was finally getting close to Mikey and Karen and dad ruined in. He sat up. "Don't cry princess." He opened his arms and I sat with him leaning into his chest. "It'll be okay Karleybug." He smiled I smiled a little he had given me a cute nickname. "Oh Mikey..." I sighed until he cupped my face and looked me in the eyes and that's when I said it. "Michael go shut the door and kiss me." He smirked and nodded going to shut the door he even locked it. I laid on his bed and he crawled on top of me. "I've wanted to do this since the first day I met you." He whispered tucking hair behind my ear. To stop his talking I leaned up and kissed him it was so passionate it was almost as if we had been dating forever I know it's wrong but kissing him feels completely right. Whist we were kissing the door flew open with a red faced father who saw what was going on until I pulled away and cringed to Michael. "I'm not raising a slut Karley to your room and do not come out until morning understood?" He looked hurt that I was doing this. "I wanna stay with Michael." I protested. "I didn't ask you what you wanted now go!" I hugged him one last time and ran to my room. My dad looked at Michael then walking out. I was sitting in my room crying my eyes out when the door creaked open. "Go away dad." I turned my head and got up pulling Michael in and shutting and using my double lock on my door. "Karley..." he bit his lip. "Your dad and I talked and he wants us to keep distance.. I wanna stay close like this with you but it's not allowed I'm sorry." He whispered and unlocked the door returning to his room and leaving me. I looked on Facebook for Luke's number when I found it so I texted him. 'Hey Lukey its Karly.' I waited for him to reply and within a matter of seconds he replied. 'Mikey told me what happened come on over. I'm here for you.' I smiled and changed into a crop top and skinny jeans and walked down the streets of Sydney then turning left seeing Luke standing there with open arms when I ran to him and he picked me up and spun me around. 

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