The Difference A Day Makes

"I'm always overlooked. She's always one step ahead of me in my mother's eyes. And I'm determined to prove that I'm just as great as she is."


1. Prologue~

It was the 31st of August, 11:50pm, and my mum was sat in a hospital bed about to give birth. She was sweating, screaming, turning tomato red in her face. 8 minutes later, just before the day would end, my mum gave birth to a little girl. She was to grow up with beady sapphire eyes and beautiful curly blond hair. She was to be artistic and a fabulous performer. My mother decided to call her Joanne Rose Watson. As much as my mum wanted to cradle her sweet little baby in her arms, she couldn't. Not until the next baby arrived.

Joanne is my twin sister. Of course, I was the next baby. My mum decided to call me Keiley Ann Watson. I arrived on the 1st of September, 12:06am. This meant we were destined to be in different year groups at school. However, it wouldn't make sense to do that considering we're technically twins. So my mum put us in the same year group. She said we were both born on the 31st of August. Everything seemed to revolve around Joanne. The truth is, my mum only ever wanted one daughter. One daughter called Joanne, to plait her hair every morning for school and to teach her how to dance and sing and draw. One daughter's nails to paint and one daughter to take shopping. One daughter to buy a puppy for and to show off to the world. Me, I'm just second best. The one who is left behind with a box of crayons in a tiny bedroom to watch the great connection mum and Joanne had.

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