The Cold Skinned and the Warm Hearted

This is a twilight spin off. I have put a lot of effort In this story. the main characters name is Sky Gray. she is different from the rest. she is part wolf part vampire. she has all vampire powers, can change into a wolf and is the only one who knows the truth about Renessamee. many people will be added to the story as it progresses. i hope you like it!


9. chapter 9

Skys POV at the house

“THEY WERE HERE?!” Harry yelled at the boys down stairs. Im currently sitting in my room bored to death. When we got home Connor told Harry because it was the right thing to do.

*knock, knock, knock*

“Come in” i turned around to see Harry step into my room and close the door.

“Hey, so me and the boys and we all agreed that you need someone to watch over you at all times. We dont want something happening to you.”

“...” I was speechless.

“We are going to take shifts-”

“Im not a pup, I dont need a babysitter”

“Its not a babysitter, its a bodyguard”

“There is only one way i would agree to this”

“Go on”

“1st, I only want one “bodyguard” at all times. No switching people out or having “shifts”

“It would be an honor to protect you”

“2nd, I get to choose who it is” i said with a smirk. Harry just sat and stared at me.

“I mean its obviously going to be me” Harry said in a dugh tone.

“Nope, i want luke.”

“Wait what?!?!”

“I said i want luke”



“Fine but only if there is another person looking after you”

“Ok, Luke and Ashton”


“Nope, i want luke and ash”

“ Fine but i will also be around u alot just incase”

“Ok, ill text them and tell them”

“Ok, dinner will be ready in 20 minutes”


~luke and ashtons texts! Lu= luke A= ashton M= miky Ca= Calum N=niall Li=liam Lo= Louis

Lu) ASH!!! Did Sky tell u?!?!?

A) Ya! Im sooo excited!

Lu) same!

N)what are u guys talking about?

Ca) ya im confused


Lo) YA

LI) same   

Lu) Me and ash are going to be Sky’s bodyguards!

A)24/7 with Sky! Im so excited!!

M)what??! But me and her are BFF’s! We could be spending that time eating junk food an playing FIFA!

Well she didnt pick you so tuff luck

The house







Room 1 (harrys room”

Rest of the bed rooms

(Skys room)



movie room

Game room  

Chill room



Outside lounge 1 + 2



Recording room



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