Carry On My Wayward Son 3



10. Something's Wrong

"Dean, can I talk to you alone?" Castiel said. Dean nodded and left my side. Someone else was there. 

   "Kevin," I said. That's when I saw a figure of someone. The figure touched Kevin's forehead, and Kevin kind of fell, but caught himself. The figure touched my temple, and I felt the same feeling. The figure disappeared. My eyes and Kevin's met. There was something between us. 
  "Dean!" Kevin and I yelled at the same time. Castiel, and Dean came in. 

  "Someone was here," I said. I told them everything that happened. 

  "Dean hold Kevin," Cas said, and Dean grabbed Kevin. 

  "What are you going to do?" Kevin asked, just as Castiel reached his hand into Kevin's chest. Screams filled the air, and I plugged my ears. 

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