Carry On My Wayward Son 3



9. Kevin

"She's alright, right?" Kevin asked Dean. 

   "No," I answered for Dean. I still wasn't able to see, and my stomach was growling. 

   "I could get you something to eat," Sam said. I nodded, and I sat up. Too fast, my head spun. 

   "I can't stay in this bed," I said. That's when my headache came back. I cried out. Dean grabbed my hand, and I yelled out louder. I flinched away from him. "You idiot! I could kill you!" I turned my body to where my back faced him. I could feel the tears coming from my eyes. This was bad. I wanted to see again. All I saw was black. That's when I heard loud ticking noises. Was it the clock? Or was it in my head? 

   "Whoa," Kevin moved around. Wait... I looked up at Kevin... I saw a faint outline of white around his body... 

   "What the hell?" I started off. Kevin reached out towards me. "Hey, hey, hey too close..." I couldn't see his facial expressions more like just an outline of his body. 

   "You can see him?" Dean asked. I looked over to where his voice was, and I couldn't see him.

   "Dean, I don't know why I can see him, but I can't see you... I can't see-" I stopped someone was here. "Hey Cas." 

   "She's blind?" I could hear Castiel say. I felt two cold fingers touch my forehead. I leaned into it. I closed my eyes, and opened them again. I could see white, then everything came into focus. 

   "Thank you," I said. I looked at Dean, and smiled... 


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