Carry On My Wayward Son 3



5. I'm A Monster

"Again," the man shook my eardrums. Monster, I repeated in my head, you're working against Dean. You're a monster. I grabbed the man's arm, and I saw his face twist in pain. I wanted to kill him. I wanted him to stop torturing me. I kept my hold. Monster, I said to myself, you're a monster, that's all you'll ever be, vampire to psychic, your the worst. I pushed farther. You're dumb, you're fragile, your weak, I kept saying those things to myself, you're not fit to be a hunter. You're no fit to be even the lowest of scum, I thought. that's when the man collapsed, half dead. A monster, a force to be reckoned with, a fighter, that last one pleased me. 

   "Do you need me to go on?" I asked. 

   "No, just one last test," the man said, and Dean stepped into the room. A woman was on his arm. He never saved me, he never found me, he never came, and to find out he's had a woman on his arm this whole time. I grabbed his face, and he dropped to the ground. Something was wrong that wasn't Dean. 

    "You're ready, my little monster," the man smiled, and his eyes shown, they were yellow. I smiled deviously, as I thought of killing Dean. 

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