Carry On My Wayward Son 3



6. Dean

Kill him, a voice  kept saying in my head. He wasn't going to be easy to kill. Every human cell in my body  told me not to, but I wanted to so very badly. Just the thought of someone else on his arm. My mother slid into my thoughts, and that's when I walked into the motel room. 

   "Jess?" Sam said. That's when my headache started. I fell to my knees, as Crowley and the yellow eyed demon walked into the motel room. 

   "Jess? Crowley?" Dean walked out of the bathroom. The pain was intense, he had no woman, there wasn't even a sign of a woman being there. They lied to me. Someone placed there hand on my shoulder. Immense pain flitted through my body from the hand. Something was warm on my face, something wet, and red. Instantly I covered my eyes. Blood... It was blood. 

   "My name is not Azaziel, it is a little older than Azaziel," the man said. "Belphagor, one of the Seven Princes. You two are on Hell's nerves, and those nerves aren't very pleasant to be on." He let go of me, and I fell into Dean's arms. 

   "Kevin," I breathed. "His mother, Dean..."

   "You did something to her," Sam said. "What did you do?" 

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