Carry On My Wayward Son 3



4. Bambi

Crowley took me, and Sam stayed with Dean. 

   When I opened my eyes the next time I was in some dark area. I couldn't see a thing. All I just wanted to do was help with a case, but I can't... I have no idea where I'm at. 

   "Hello?" someone asked. 

   "Hello?" I answered, and waited for a response. 

   "Who are you?" the voice said. 

   "My name's Jess Winchester," I answered cringing at the name. "Who are you?" 

   "You know Dean?" she said ignoring the question. "Have you seen my son?" 

   "Whose your son?" I asked. 

   "Kevin," she answered sadly. 

   "The prophet?" I asked, just as a large door opened. The light was unbearable. I shielded my eyes, and someone picked me off the ground. It wasn't Crowley, but it was a demon. I was scared, I couldn't say anything. When I opened my eyes Crowley stood there. that's when my vision started getting blurry, and my head hurt like someone was shoving pins and needles into it. The man sat me down on my feet, but all I did was fall to my knees. 

   "What did you do to me?" I breathed putting my hand onto my head. "What the hell-" 

   "Bingo!" the man yelled. "Sorry..." 

   "You see I made a deal," Crowley said. "Turn you into some sort of psychic, and well that may be a problem, because you, my little deer, have Sam. He's gone through the same thing although this. This is a lot bigger than the both of you." 

    "Where's Sam?" I asked. 

    "With Dean, although they are probably searching for you right about now," Crowley smiled. "You're training with the others, and if not, we'll kill every last hunter... You see we'll I'm not the one that made this deal. The demon that turned Sam into what he was is dead, but I found a way. A way to bring the yellow eyed demon back... this Earth will cry out for mercy once we're through with it, isn't it Bambi?" 

    "Yes," I said. "Just make it stop!" I had my head in my hands, the pain was immense. 











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