Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


17. Tortured

     Anakin struggled all the way to the torture chambers, determined not to go down without a fight.  All too soon, however, they reached their destination, and Dooku opened the door to one of the rooms.  He shoved Anakin inside.
        The room was blindingly white, it seemed.  The walls were white, the light was white, and the torture table in the middle of the room was white.  This was the first thing Anakin noticed as he was brutally pushed into the room.  He landed on his knees, but quickly scrambled to his feet as Dooku entered.
        The sadistic grin on the Sith's face frightened the padawan, although he tried not to show it.  He backed away as Dooku approached.
        "Oh, no," Count Dooku said slowly, letting his words sink in. "There's nowhere to run anymore- nowhere to hide.  Your master won't save you- he gave you up in the first place.  Of course he wouldn't care-"
        "No, that was my suggestion," Anakin growled.
        "Oh, but of course it was.  And who let you turn yourself in?"
        Anakin could feel Dooku entering his mind; relentlessly probing his thoughts.  He cried out in pain, desperately trying to resist the mental torture.
        "NOOOOOO!" he screamed, with one final mental push.
        Anakin had bested Count Dooku.
        Count Dooku snarled in rage.  "Onto the table, you," he grunted.  "It's time to teach you some respect."
        Despite himself, Anakin felt a grin spreading over his features.  "Make me."
        Count Dooku used the Force to lift Anakin into the air.  Anakin gasped in surprise as his feet left the floor.  "No... wait..."
        Dooku slammed the boy onto the torture table.  Anakin panted for breath, winded from Dooku's rough treatment.  He struggled in vain as he was securely fastened to the table.  His bare chest was exposed, and he felt helplessly vulnerable.  He found himself wishing that he had changed back into his Jedi attire on the Republic cruiser.
        "I can sense your fear, boy," Count Dooku breathed.  "It's... exhilarating."  He stalked around Anakin, who was growing more anxious with each passing second.  He would have felt easier if Dooku had begun the torture right away.  
        Count Dooku traced one finger down Anakin's cheek.  Anakin tried to jerk away, but he was securely tied down.
        "What do you want?" the padawan growled.
        "Excellent question," Count Dooku replied with a smirk.  "What I want is information, slave- information on the Republic."
        "Wh-what do you mean?" Anakin asked suspiciously.
        "You know what I mean, Skywalker!" Count Dooku growled in exasperation.  "I want the locations of all the Republic bases!"

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