Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


5. Secretive

   Anakin could hardly believe only a week had passed since he had become a slave.  He was exhausted and sore all over, and he had been horribly mistreated by his masters.
        At least the mission was almost over.  Before Anakin and Obi-Wan had left for the mission, Obi-Wan had ordered a tiny surveillance camera installed into Anakin's slave collar.  Anakin had been able to take dozens of pictures confirming the illegal slave organization and had even discovered the leaders behind the operation.
        But it had hardly been worth it, in Anakin's opinion.  Even now, he could hear footsteps coming down the corridor leading to the slave quarters.  The door swung open.
        It was Tela Allish, the overseer.  He pointed to Anakin.  "Come here, slave!"
        Anakin promptly obeyed.  He knew what would happen if he didn't.
        "Yes, sir?"  A week of slavery had only increased Anakin's dislike for those words.
        "Your master requests your company for the evening.  He wishes to show you off to a group of slave traders who have come here to- well, that's none of your business."
        Anakin reluctantly followed Tela Allish through the many corridors.  He saw dozens of dejected slaves, slowly performing their daily tasks. 
        They passed a young Twi'lek slave girl, struggling to carry a heavy tray.  She was clad in a slave's outfit and wore a desolate expression on her otherwise-pretty face.  Her eyes were burdened by the reality of slave life.
        "Move faster," Tela Allish snarled at the girl.
        The Twi'lek's green-gray eyes widened with fear, and she quickened her pace.
        At last Anakin was brought before his Zygerrian master, Zartek.  He and his rich friends lounged on luxurious couches, and looked up when Tela Allish and Anakin came into the room.
        "Bring him to me," Zartek grunted.
        Allish pushed Anakin closer to his master.
        "As you can see," Zartek said, "I have here a fine slave boy."
        The other slave traders murmured in agreement.
        "Very obedient, too," Zartek went on.  "Watch- if I take off his collar, he's so submissive that he won't do a thing!  I believe he is ready."  He went to unfasten Anakin's slave collar.
        Anakin stiffened.  If his collar was removed, all footage being sent to the Republic would be lost!
        "No-" he started, before he remembered his place.
        Zartek glared at him.  "What do you mean, no?" he sneered.  "Would you rather have your collar on?"
        He stared at Anakin intensely.  "Or perhaps you are a spy?"
        "No, Master," Anakin sighed, hanging his head.  Zartek unfastened his collar and held it up.  Anakin stood in place.  How could he escape anyway?  All the slave traders' eyes were on him.
        But he would escape.  Now that the collar was gone, Anakin had to get back to the Jedi Council. 
        Although maybe, he could get the footage back first.

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