Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


21. Rescued

       The red lightsaber illuminated Anakin's face, casting off an eerie red glow.  Anakin cringed and fell backwards onto Zartek's chest as the slaver moved the blade closer to his neck. 
        "Master, kill him!" Anakin shouted.  "Don't worry about me! I-"  He hissed in pain as the lightsaber pressed into his neck, leaving a shallow wound.
        Obi-Wan glanced from Dooku to his beaten padawan.  He hung his head in defeat.
        "I can't let you die, Anakin," he barely whispered.
        Count Dooku smirked. "You are weak, Kenobi," he taunted.  "This is why I left the Jedi Order.  Now I am more powerful than any Jedi.
        "Surrender your lightsaber to me, or he dies," he continued.
        Obi-Wan glanced at his padawan, who gazed at him fearfully.  "Don't do it, Master..."
        "Silence, slave," Zartek hissed.
        But Anakin wasn't listening.  "Master, you have to listen to me!  He'll torture you, and then he'll kill you!  Please, you can't-"
        "Anakin!" Obi-Wan warned, but it was too late.  Zartek delivered a deadly blow to Anakin's chin, and the padawan slipped into unconsciousness.
        The Zygerrian slaver seized the boy's neck and flung him to the ground in disgust before tossing the lightsaber back to Dooku.  Obi-Wan intercepted the saber in mid-flight and pulled it to his hand with the Force.
        "Kenobi," Count Dooku growled.
        "There is no way out this time, Dooku," the Jedi replied calmly.  "Surrender the boy immediately."
        Count Dooku smiled maniacally.  "Ah, but you see, he is not mine to surrender.  The boy belongs to Zartek now."
        Obi-Wan scoffed.  "I am the one in charge here, Count," he said coolly, marching over to where Anakin lay and scooping up his padawan.   Anakin moaned slightly.
        Keeping a firm grip on the two lightsabers, Obi-Wan started towards the door when he felt an invisible force closing around his neck.  He gasped for air as Count Dooku choked him.
        "I don't think so," a stern voice said from the doorway.
        "Master Windu," Obi-Wan gasped, relieved at the sight of the familiar Jedi Master.
        Mace shot the other Jedi a quick smile before slamming Dooku against the wall with the Force.  He then directed his best glare at Zartek, who had been reduced to a quivering heap on the floor.
        "Are we just going to leave him?" Obi-Wan asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise as he gestured to the slave trader.
        "He is defenseless," Mace replied.
        "But he hurt my padawan.  He deserves to die-"
        "Revenge is not the Jedi way, Obi-Wan," Mace said coolly.  "I suggest we get Anakin away from this place as soon as possible.  The ship is beginning to fall."
        Sure enough, the ship was now violently lurching, and Obi-Wan struggled to keep his balance.  He nodded, hanging his head.  "I'm sorry, Master.  You are right."
       Mace gave a small smile of approval.  "I have a cruiser waiting for us."
        "You'll be safe soon, Anakin," Obi-Wan whispered to his unconscious apprentice as Mace started down the hall.  "You'll be safe soon."

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