Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


22. Relieved

    Anakin slowly opened his eyes.  Blinking, he realized in astonishment that he was back in his own chamber at the Jedi Temple!  Obi-Wan stood over him, a concerned expression lacing his features.
        "Master?" Anakin asked in surprise.
        "Anakin!" Obi-Wan exclaimed, hugging his padawan despite himself.  "You're safe!"
        Anakin's eyes clouded.
        Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow.  "What's wrong, my padawan?"
        "Oh... nothing," Anakin muttered.
        "Something's going on; I can tell," Obi-Wan pressed, frowning.  "Lower your shields."
        Reluctantly, the padawan lowered his mental shields, releasing a flurry of emotions into the Force.  Anger, relief, sadness, disbelief, pain and confusion all passed through his and Obi-Wan's bond.  And they all came from remembrances of the undercover mission.
        I knew the Council should have chosen someone else for that mission, Obi-Wan chastised himself, furious at Zartek and everyone who had made his padawan suffer.  He stroked his padawan's hair softly, but the young man tensed.
        "What is it?" Obi-Wan asked.
        "My hair..." Anakin murmured.  "That's where Zartek always touched me."  His blue eyes clouded with pain.
        "Oh, Anakin..."  For the first time in his life, Obi-Wan was at a loss for words.  His own eyes filled with tears at the thought of what Zartek had done to his padawan.  "I'm so sorry."
        "It wasn't your fault," Anakin whispered.  "Is Mand'ii safe?"
        Obi-Wan smiled through his tears, so proud of Anakin- his selfless padawan who always put others before himself.  "She's safe," he replied softly.  "And you succeeded in your mission.  We now have all the footage we need to close up the Nikstara gang."
        "Good," Anakin said.  "Because that's what matters, isn't it?"
        "No," Obi-Wan answered, causing Anakin to look up at him questioningly.  "You're safe now.  That's what matters, my padawan."

                                                                                ~THE END~

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