Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


15. Irritated

      Anakin stood stiffly upright in one corner of the shuttle, hoping to be left alone.  But Zartek had no such plans.  He stalked over to his slave.
        "So... Anakin Skywalker,  is it?" the Zygerrian said smugly.  Anakin said nothing.
        Zartek slapped Anakin hard across the face.  The boy flinched, but he remained silent.
        "I said, is that your name?" Zartek asked sharply.
        Reluctantly, Anakin nodded.  "Yes... Master."
        Zartek smirked and hit Anakin again before striding over to the front of the shuttle.  He picked up a very familiar object.
        The Zygerrian held a collar, with a chain securely fastened in the middle.  Anakin stiffened.
        Zartek smiled at his reaction and fastened the collar around Anakin's neck.  "No surveillance cameras this time," he informed the boy mockingly.
        Anakin scowled at the slaver, earning another slap.
        "That is a Force-inhibiting collar you have on, by the way," Zartek told him.  "If you try to use the Force, you will be electrocuted."  The smirk on his face indicated that he rather liked the idea.
        Anakin looked away.
        "Beginning landing procedures," the ship's pilot called from the cockpit.  A few moments later, the shuttle touched down in the Separatist cruiser's main hangar.  The ramp lowered with a creak and a groan.
        "Come on, slave," Zartek growled.  He yanked Anakin's chain so hard that the padawan stumbled and fell to the floor.
        Zartek grumbled in disgust.  "Get up!" he shouted.
        Anakin quickly scrambled to his feet and struggled to keep up with Zartek's fast pace as the Zygerrian exited the shuttle.  Once they were in the hangar, Zartek shoved Anakin to his knees.
        "Now what?" Anakin asked with a touch of flippancy.
        "We wait," Zartek replied.
        "For who?"
        "Don't be disrespectful, slave,"  Zartek growled, kicking Anakin in the stomach.  The boy grunted and keeled over.  "Sorry, Master."
        "You better be," Zartek sneered.  He pulled out his electrowhip and whipped Anakin, over and over until he began to bleed.  Anakin tried desperately to bite back the screams, but without the Force to sustain him he couldn't help himself.
        "STOP!" an authoritative voice suddenly called.

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