Undercover: Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is forced to go undercover as a slave, where his pride, strength, and willpower will be challenged like never before.


7. Escaped

  "Tell me," Anakin said eagerly.
        "Well... it's not exactly here," Mand'ii said, looking around nervously.  "The slave items are kept in a separate storage room.  I know how to get there.  But first, let's pick up some disguises so we will not be recognized if we are spotted."
        Anakin had to admit, this girl was smart.  He nodded and began looking around.  Whoever was in charge of organizing this room had certainly not done a very good job, but eventually he saw a hooded cloak in a corner.  He draped it over his shoulders, making sure the hood hid his face well.
        Then he turned to the Twi'lek.  She wore a simple brown robe, similar to the ones the Jedi wore.  Puzzled, Anakin could not help but wonder if any Jedi had been enslaved here.  It was probable- the Nikstara operation was one of the biggest illegal organizations in the galaxy.
        "Are you ready?" Mand'ii whispered.
        Anakin nodded.  "Lead the way."
        They crept out of the storage room.  Mand'ii produced a key from around her neck and used it to lock the door behind them.
        "So that's why none of my keys worked," Anakin breathed.
        "I managed to steal this key from the overseer," Mand'ii explained in a low voice.  "Fortunately, the Nikstara operation never has the latest technology.  Everyone uses combination locks with passwords nowadays.  If that had been the case, I would never have been able to get in."
        They continued in silence.  Mand'ii led the way down the corridor until they came to another door.
        "Let me see those keys, please," Mand'ii requested.  Anakin handed his keys to her.
        Mand'ii selected a particular key and unlocked the door.  This room was no brighter than the first, but when Mand'ii switched on her halo lamp, Anakin could see slave collars and shackles of various shapes and sizes hanging on the wall.  Right away, he recognized his own.  The collar was extra large, enabling the surveillance camera to fit inside.
        "Do you see it?" Mand'ii asked.
        Anakin nodded and took the collar off its hook.  "This is the one, all right," he said.
        Mand'ii stiffened suddenly.  "I hear footsteps, coming this way," she said urgently.  "We have to leave."
        "You stay here," Anakin said firmly.  "Two are more suspicious than one."
        "But-" Mand'ii protested.
        "You'll be okay," Anakin reassured her.  "I'll come back for you as soon as I can.  I promise."
        Anakin caught a glimpse of Mand'ii's large, frightened eyes as he closed and locked the door.

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