Her name, Louise. ‘Have you ever just found a place where you feel you can be whoever you want to be? ‘ I have. I’ve found the perfect place to be when I’m in search of something that I never even knew I wanted. Now I keep finding myself back to where it all began. Every night I’m expected to be there, and it’s not even because I want to. It’s because I’m ADDICTED to this special place of mine. Contains: Sexual References, Uses Of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Romance, Violent Scenes, Inappropriate for young ages: Scenes.


3. - TAXI 10:45 -

- 2 -

TAXI 10:45

10:45 PM. Only forty minutes had passed. Shocked, not sure how to feel about this. This whole taxi journey to the best party ever was starting to become a bore. Ah, my mind couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head. I tried pushing my head with a little pressure against the glass window. Just trying to think of something other than what it wanted me to think about. Fantasy, I couldn’t get the thought of this guy that I met at the park earlier. Ugh, my mom was right, I did have a crush on him. Even the name rolls off the end of my tongue, never thought Louise Ellie Sophia Quinn would feel nervous over a guy.

It was just the moment at the time, he had caught me on a day where I wanted to shed a few tears. Kind, caring, two of those things that he had shown to me within the first two minutes of meeting me. He had the whole good look going on too, with the slick back dark hair, a skateboard in his left hand. He was about 5’3 FT, and I couldn’t even tell him my height. It dripped off like salvia, my words were becoming slurs. Most of it I kept inside, I drooled a little as he put his arm around me. Saved by Sophia! She came to my rescue as she told me that she had something to show me.

Even on a night like this I’m thinking about a guy that I met earlier in the day? What’s wrong with me? All of tonight is about maybe finding another guy, more than one guy. Sophia told me how she’s going to just blend in, mix with the guys and maybe come out with several guy friends. Ha, only I knew too well that what she really meant was sleep with one guy. And then spend another few hours with some other guy. She wanted to hang her hair down a little, break loose from all the sadness that she’s been through.

I can’t blame her for wanting to go through several guys, and it’s not like all of them are going to be in search of ‘the one.’ I know too well that many of them just want the same as Sophia. A one night stand, and that’s all they want from a woman. Tonight, isn’t about settling down, it’s about having fun. Sophia couldn’t have explained this party any better than she had already on the phone. It became clear to me that tonight was going to be wild, crazy, and just out of this world. That last part maybe sounding too weird. Who cares.

11:00 PM. Finally, the driver had stopped just outside the party’s boundaries. Just down the road from the front doors. He looked back at me as I got a second glimpse at him (strange, only an hour ago I could’ve sworn he looked younger). That perfect moustache under his nose, and quite a fuzzy beard underneath. I paid him the moment he asked me whether I wanted to stop here, or continue further up the road. I couldn’t even be bad enough to tell him to go a little longer, but he told me that it’s perfectly fine.

“Well, have a great night.” It was nice of him to acknowledge my clothing, he even figured out I was going to a party.

I actually blushed a little, maybe it was because he had been so kind towards me just after making me a little annoyed. “T-thanks, um, here you go.”

The last thing I got to witness in that taxi was his pearl whites that to me looked like they glowed in the dark. No, I think I just saw him in my own fantasy world for a second or two. Stepping out of the taxi with the handbag holding my high heels in. I packed away the perfume, and put away the rest of the kit. The moment I put my foot down, I could feel some of the water from the puddle slipping through underneath.

Still pouring down with rain, a little lighter than before. I looked up at the beautiful moon that gazed down at me. All of the water just pushing its way down the road down the sides. Several fallen leaves being carried off towards drains. Tonight, just looked amazing, and I wasn’t sure what was making this night so perfect. Maybe my mind just forced me to believe that everything has never looked so pretty until now.

Upon looking down at my sneakers, I brushed off some of the dirt that had somehow ended up on top of the laces. Bending down to spray down the sides of the sneakers, I held my nose a little thinking it would be more than just a little sweat giving off an odor. Left with a more pleasant scent, I headed up the road towards the front doors. Greeted by several crowds of guys who were looking my way from the moment I reached the top of the hill.


Daym, did you just see that dude?” Great, a guy already checking me out.

“Yeah, she’s really got the whole swagger thing going on.” Ugh, and now his friend talking about me?

“That’s nothing, you should’ve seen Sophia! I couldn’t even tell you how much I wanted that booty.” One that’s not afraid to speak his mind, interesting.

“Is it just me or am I seeing double?” An idiot, or maybe it’s the bad compliments one.

“Guys, I just saw Sophia chilling by the pool, tell me this isn’t a fucking dream!” How could I not have heard that, he screamed almost like a little girl.

“Shit, I should tell Tyler about this one.” – “Don’t just stare at her, ask her for the digits.” So many guys already talking about me or Sophia, and I’m now feeling the whole ‘atmosphere’ part.

Clearing them out of the way by just walking forward with my head held high, most of them stepped out of the way. Some of them I had to walk around, not all of them were happy to see me. Some of them actually pushed me a little, and some of the girls didn’t even smile as I smiled back at them. Ugh, I guess you can’t have a perfect night.

“Check her out, she’s trying too hard if you ask me, girlfriend.” They all think I can’t hear them? They’re right next to me, it’s not like I’m going to stand around them.

“I know right, she’s trying way too hard.” This one had only one eye on display, her stupid hairstyle was blocking the other one.

“It’s not like we wanted her to come, she just showed up like a bad smell.”

“I’d take her up and down, but I wouldn’t take her anywhere near my sister, bruh.” Oh, I think I’m going to be sick.

“Get her a drink, dude. It’d be making an effort on your whole ‘dating’ list thing.” A 5’6 guy nudged his pal who was wearing a baseball cap.

“So many jocks trying to hit it off with fuck face over here.” Not sure who that comment was aimed at. He didn’t look at me at least.

From the very moment I stepped onto the first step, several guys smoking something that you couldn’t pretend was legal to smoke. It had me coughing from the second I walked into the first room. The music sounded so distant from across the road, but now it was booming like it was trying to rape my eardrums. Raped by music, now there’s something that tonight was going to bring for sure.

Not too far away from me through some misted glass that looked a little steamy. I could see Sophia chilling by the swimming pool in her swimming suit. She’s wearing a whole lot of dark red, no wonder the guys are talking about her. She looked so peaceful, relaxed at her finest hour. The swimming pool was letting off so much light, the whole house was looking pretty to look at. He really did go to a whole lot of effort on making this the best party ever.

The only thing that could stop me from entering that swimming pool is Holly, she knows how to talk me into doing something other than just chill. I pushed my way through a 5’7 woman sucking the life out of a guy holding her against the wall. The music would just make me forget all this anyway, he also had a great playlist going on. All the smooching, the endless kissing was just overridden by the blasting out loud music. I’d say it was a good thing, but I did kind of want those sounds to surpass the music itself. Call it a fantasy of mine.


“Louise? Daym, you didn’t waste any time getting here.” I looked right at him, he was taller than me. I couldn’t help but smile as he glared right at me.


“Um, hi, um…” I didn’t know his name, but I was sure he was going to introduce himself from the moment he gazed upon me.

“Mike. Ha, I didn’t think you’d recognize me anyways.”

Recognize him? He didn’t even look like someone I would spend much time with. Boy, was I wrong, he had the great dark hair that I would always end up falling in love with. Hazel eyes, but it’s not too common, I don’t see it as often as I thought I would. He pushed himself against the wall as he sipped from one of those red cups from the living room.

“I take it you haven’t tried any of this? By now I’d kind of expect you to be outside with Sophia.” How did he even know her? Ah, who am I kidding, who doesn’t know Sophia?

“Um, not really. I’m just kind of waiting for the others to arrive.” I looked behind me hoping one of my friends would pull me away.

“No? Wow, you are full of surprises.” He laughed, “and maybe it’s not obvious already but most of them are out back.”

At first I thought he said they were out ‘black’ but then I giggled at my own stupidity. This loud music just made talking to others so difficult. Especially someone who’s a little taller than me, I’m surprised he heard my voice over the music blasting out throughout the whole house. So many other teens just jumping around, laughing, dancing, and many guys sprawled out on the floor. So many girls that I don’t even know just dancing on a table drunk.

“Sorry about the mess, sometimes these parties just get a little TOO crazy.” Ha, he wasn’t wrong there. There were so many things littered across the carpets.

“It’s fine, I’m used to it.” I replied with a simple meh.

“Louise? Can I ask why you didn’t recognize me?” Oh, god, is he really making me go back to that question.

My head was starting to feel the impact of this party atmosphere. Just as he looked down at me a second time with him still smiling. I know he wanted an answer, but I couldn’t hold myself back from him. The moment the dubstep kicked in for the god knows what track number it is. Snatching the red cup from out of his hand, I downed half of it with him now thinking differently about the question he asked.

My nervous giggle kicked in, I let out a few as I crushed the red cup in my left hand. Tossing it aside I leaned towards him with me standing on my very tip toes. My arms were out of control as they wrapped around his neck, he must have felt something too as I felt two larger than my hands wrap around my waist. Before I could react, I was off the ground as he held me in his arms. It’s like the whole room was spinning after just one drink. Did he plan this? Ugh, my head just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

As the Dubstep dropped into some really heavy bass, and kicked in with the best drop ever. Mike had me against the wall, I felt him push into me several times as I lifted my head up. He continued to kiss my neck, and held me tighter as it was like the whole room was now shaking. My eyes drifted off towards the front doors, but most of the others were just in their own little worlds. The dancers were like out of control robots, and the smokers were chain-smokers. Tonight really was going to be the best night of my life.

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