Her name, Louise. ‘Have you ever just found a place where you feel you can be whoever you want to be? ‘ I have. I’ve found the perfect place to be when I’m in search of something that I never even knew I wanted. Now I keep finding myself back to where it all began. Every night I’m expected to be there, and it’s not even because I want to. It’s because I’m ADDICTED to this special place of mine. Contains: Sexual References, Uses Of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Romance, Violent Scenes, Inappropriate for young ages: Scenes.




Her name, Louise. She’s finding it hard to belong to others; to accept that family are all around her. Instead, she’s out most nights in that special place of hers. Hello, have you ever found yourself a special place to call your own? A place where you can think straight, a place where you feel safe. You just keep finding yourself going back there for whatever reason. Louise is always missing in the night, she’s never around to spend time with her family. Just mornings mostly, you’ll only ever see her then.

- This Is My Story . . .

WARNING: This story contains the following: Sexual References, Drinking, Uses of alcohol, Violence, Violent Scenes, Graphic Content, Depression, Romance, Dark Scenes, Scenes that may offend some of you. Please don't hesitate to read this if the following doesn't concern you. If you feel that you're fine with what's been detailed above. Thank you for reading yet another one of Luke J.R's Original Stories. This is very different to what you may expect in a Romance, and I've wanted to write this for sometime now. I've planned out the story, and I've written a few chapters that were looked back on before October. Thank You Everyone For All The Support ! 

- Luke J.R

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