hi, i guess?

hey this is about me, probs won't update like at all so.....


1. 10/15/16


i'm Katy, welcome to my book i guess. i should probably tell you a bit about my self?

my full name is Katy Erin D'lareme, i'm fifteen, my favourite colours are black and purple, my birthday is June 4th, and i live next to Dan Howell and Phil Lester.

my instagram is @bitchlinson and so is my wattpad.

i also share an instagram with my friend, who has an account on here called @lili_is_a_penguin . The insta is @phxntastically.

i guess thats all. my snapchat is bitchlinson, my kik is _bitchlinson_ and my youtube is Phanic! at the Falling Out Wattpad Disco.

that's really it, hmu on my accounts. Bye!

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