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  • Published: 15 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 15 Oct 2016
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"Sooo..." He looked at me with a weird gaze. "You're a living Pikachu?"

Endnu en lille tekst fra mig, denne er så bare et par uger gammel. Lå og kunne ikke falde i søvn, da jeg fik idéen og jeg måtte skrive den ned.

Igen ved jeg ikke, om det ender med at jeg skriver videre på den, nu ser vi


1. Tunder

"You don't understand.. I can controle and create electricity.." I said, panic began to be heard in my voice.

"Sooo..." He looked at me with a weird gaze. "You're a living Pikachu?"

"Matt, this isn't funny! I'm totally freaked out here!" I said, looking at him. "Watch.."

I lifted my hand, pointing it at the electric fence in front of us. Nothing happened in the beginning.

"What am I suppossed to see?" He frowned, looking bored. "Just cut it out Leia, I don't believe it." He said, starting to turn around.

"I know what happened and what I saw!" I clenched my fists, stomping in the ground with my left foot and sparks started to show up around me. "It's happening again, Matt!" I reached out to grab his hand, so he wouldn't walk away. But as I did so, and I barely touched him, I send him of flying in a blue-ish light, and he fell hard to the ground, five meters from where I stood.

"Matt!!" I screamed, starting to run over to him. "Oh no no no, please don't be dead!" Crying, I threw myself to the ground at his side, picking him up in my arms. "No no no, don't be dead, please Matt!" Tears started to fall down on his pale cheek. It felt like hours passed by while I was holding him.

".." - "Mmh.." I thought I heard him groan wakely in pain, so I stopped immediatly with my sobbing.

"You aren't dead..?!"

".. Mmpf.." - "You'd miss me too much." He said, a small smirk crossed his lips.

"Matt!" I started to cry again, this time of relief. "Ouch!" I held him so thight I was hurting him, so I let go of him, "Waah!" I accidently dropped him, back of his head hitting the ground. "Oh, sorry!" I apologized and helped him to sit, him reaching a hand back to feel his head.

"You scared me!" I said, whipping away my tears with the back of my hand.

"I scared you?" He looked at me. "Shouldn't it be you who scared me?"

I looked down. "Are you? Scared of me I mean..?" I asked in a whisper, when I suddently felt a warm hand on my cheek, forcing me to look at him. "No matter what you do to me, I'd never be afraid or scared of you, darling." He spoke softly, before he gently pressed his lips against mine. "Just.. Remind me of never, and I mean never, get on your bad side." He said, laughing while stroking a strain of my blonde hair behind my ear. I couldn't help but laugh with him. "Okay."

I helped him up, wrapping my arms around his body and I kissed him.

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