Regained Trust

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  • Published: 15 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 15 Oct 2016
  • Status: Complete
Bare en meget kort tekst jeg fik idéen til. Måske ender jeg med at skrive noget på den som en længere historie, men da jeg først lige er gået i gang med at skrive igen efter flere år, starter jeg i de små.

Men ja, en lille tekst fra mig af.


1. Regained Trust

I slowly close my eyes, as I feel his warm hand on my cheek. His soft lips gently touches mine, when I start to feel a tear in the corner of my eye and carefully pulls away from him. The tear runs down my cheek and leaves a wet trail.
“Nathan, please.. I can’t do this..” I whisper, sadness can be heard in my voice. “I won’t start something, I’m leaving tomorrow and I can’t bear to get disappointed when I return, and you’ve found someone else..” I start crying, clenching my fist and shutting my eyes together, I can’t look him in the eyes. “I’m away for six months. Six months! I like you so much.. But I just.. I won’t have my heart broken. Not again..” Now I open my eyes, and look into his blue.
“Avery..” He lays his hands on both of my cheeks, looking me into the eyes as he smiles gently. “I would never betray you.. Not like he did.” I can hear the truth in his voice, but my heart is afraid. Can I really trust him? I trusted Miles.. And look where it got me.

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