The Mystery Ghost

A girls boyfriend died or so she was thinking a few years back! She goes on a "hunt" threw his house!! Soon finding what she thought was his ghost or spirit. They fell for each other once again. But to find more about this house. Is a trip you will never imagin.


1. #1

*lights flicker* *stairs creak* The night was quite. But not as quiet as you might think. The only things you could hear were things in the house. I was sitting in the corner with a gun pointing straight. I was to afraid to do anything. I just sat there. So when whatever pops up I’m prepared. I will shoot them. I will kill them. I was ready. I wasn't afraid. *Screams*. Their was a monster. No a ghost. I shot it over and over again and nothing happened. It just disappeared into mid air. The lights stopped flickering though. I stood up. The noises of the house stopped. The only sound was the sound of my breath and heart beating 1000 miles per second. I looked around and I started to walk. I reloaded my gun and tried to figure out what was going on. What was that thing. Why did it look like my long lost boyfriend. There was something going on in this house. Is this why my boyfriends family moved out. Is this why nobody will live here. Its been 4 years since the death of my boyfriend. He died trying to protect me from something. But I never knew what. I went up the stairs to his old room. I walked in tears falling off my face. Their he was. Laying on the bed. I just froze and looked at him. He waved for me to come over. I walked up to him and he touched me. The touch was real. He had to be real. He pulled me on top of him. All I did was look down at him. “Miss me?” He whispered looking up at me. “It can't be though. Its’ been 4 years. You died. Your family said you were killed. You left a note telling me you were protecting me.” he pulled me closer shutting me up with a kiss. This couldn’t be real. It had to be fake, all of this had to be fake. I was shocked but I kissed back. I was flipped over. I was now laying on the bed looking up at him and his toned body. He aged a bit I think. “Well I missed you. I had to come back.” He kissed down to my neck. Just like old times. I felt little butterflies flutter in my stomach. It was like the olden days. The gun fell on the floor before i was flown onto the bed with him. “I remember you just like it was yesterday. I remember this bed just like we were here just last night. I remember this room like I live here.” I said and all i got was a smile on my neck. He then lifted my shirt off. I let him. I missed him. I needed him. He wouldn't keep his hands off me. His movements were so swift, so fast, so perfect. It’s like he’s been training this whole time. It was amazing. I couldn’t not let him do what he wanted. He went for my neck then and unclipped my bra from behind. He threw it off and started going down my neck to my chest.

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