Life Sucks

its a surprise it all really is a surprise.


1. Nice to know ya

Hi my name is Grace and not just because its because I died three times that's right three times when I was born and once in the womb my parents just think it was the Grace of God that I am here but I think other wise.

I live in London I wasn't born in London see I guess the grace of God wasn't with my mom when she was trapped at her boyfriends house when his wife set it on fire. I know how degrading not for my mom that bitch can rot in hell for all I care I am talking about my dad he had to identify my mothers naked body she didn't die from being burned nothing gory about that she died from the fumes and the best part is she was pregnant......with her boyfriends baby. I was nine when my mom died and I was twelve when my dad met Veronica I was fifteen when we moved and they got married and now I am eighteen. I am originally from Texas but my dad moved to London he says for a fresh start I say for his new job and my stepmother. See my father is a lawyer a very rich lawyer at that and with all of the looking around I do I find out that its more then just being a lawyer that my father is great at he not only runs his firm he also runs a brothel many of them actually and with further investigation I find out that is where he met my dear stepmother my father is 46 my stepmother is 24 you would think being with someone that the age gap is older then your daughter would throw someone off but nope not for dear old dad or anyone else actually. Right now I am in a private school its mainly tutors and shit come to my house and being a rich mans daughter I just pay them off to just get good grades because I don't care I don't even want to be here I want to go back home its so fucking pointless.

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